Are You A Sports Fan Or perhaps Sports Fanatic?

Posted by fareed shakir on February 28th, 2019

I'm here might a very good question are a sports fan or a sporting activities fanatic? I looked upwards both definitions and the dictionary states for a fan the meaning is "an enthusiastic devotee or follower of sports or sports team" the meaning of a fanatic is "a person with an extreme excitement or zeal for sporting activities or sports team". The between a sports enthusiast and a sports fanatic is a very fine line. I actually consider myself a fanatic, and i also will give you my judgment of the fine line that separates a fan and a fanatic.

A sports lover will have a favorite team that they follow when they have the time The fan will know some facts or history about their favorite team. The fan will try to go to see their favorite team when they have some free time, and it suits their schedule.

The sports fanatic eats, naps and breaths everything about sports. A sports lover know every single fact or history detail about every sport. They know every rule, every player of a team, and every detail that has to do with that team or sport. A new fanatic will try their hardest to go to every game of their favorite team, and if they can't go to the game they are going to have a hand device or smart phone that can access the latest news or updates of the game.

The major necessity for a sports fanatic that won't go to the game is a huge obnoxious movie cinema size flat screen TV SET that takes up 1 / 2 of their living room. That must have surround audio stereo speakers, so it noises exactly like sitting in the sports stadium. The furniture in the residing room must include a sizable comfortable sofa, with a couple of reclining chair and foot rests. Presently there must be plenty of sitting room for the fanatic to invite all his or her friends over for the "big" game.

The final need for a sports fan is the foodstuff. There needs to be plenty of food so it seems like they are tailgating in their own kitchen. There must be plenty of potato chips, dips, tortilla chips, pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs, and much more readily available for the game. The most important is the beverages which are made up of an instance of beer that would fit into the refrigerator or they may have their own personal little fridge that will hold the beers, and other refreshments.

Sports fanatics will also have far more sports team gear and memorabilia than a sports fan. A new sports fanatic needs every little sports memorabilia of their favorite sports clubs from the sports team jersey to a little sports team spoon. The particular fanatics are also most likely the ones that dress up in hideous sports team gear, and have face paint throughout them in the stadiums.

These are my personal opinions on the difference between a fan of sports and a sports fanatic. If you have something to add that I left away, please feel free to leave your own view of the difference from the two. Thanks a lot for taking a look at my article, and We hope to hear a number of your own opinions of the question "Are you a fan of sports or a sports fanatic? "

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