Global Coating Binders Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share Till 2027

Posted by Arslan on February 28th, 2019

The coating binders market has been thoroughly analyzed in the latest research report published by Fact.MR on coating binders market. The report provides valuable insights along with the factors influencing the coating blinders market growth. The information and the data provided on the coating binders market is accurate, precise, and unbiased. The report also offers information on the market dynamics including trends, opportunities, challenges and driving factors in the coating binders market. The primary and secondary research on competitive landscape is also included in the report.

Rapid Infrastructure Development Driving Coating Binders Market Growth

Rapid urbanization and infrastructure growth in emerging economies is resulting in an increasing demand for coating binders. Epoxy resins as coating binders are finding large application in the construction and infrastructure sector. The Asia Pacific holds growth opportunities for coating binders’ manufacturers, with substantial growth in the infrastructure sector in China and India.

Water-based products are gaining popularity in the coatings industry. Acrylic polymers as binders are used widely in paints as water-borne emulsions. These water-borne emulsion paints are used on a large scale as decorative paints for outside and inside of buildings. According to the report by expert team from Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics, volume of construction output is likely to growth by 85% worldwide by 2030, driven by India, China, and the US. 

The move towards water-based coatings can be seen across various regions with stringent regulations on VOC emissions. According to the Paint Quality Institute, water-based paints account for around 80% of household paints sales.  

Water-Based Coating Technology Gains Immense Growth

Environmental compliance is emerging as a primary reason for various industries shifting towards water-based coating technology. National, state, and local governments across the globe are regulating VOCs by limiting the amount businesses are allowed to emit in a particular time period. Businesses are also using water-based coating technology to lower VOC output, as it has no or considerably fewer solvents.

One of the main reasons for increased use of water-based coatings in interior house paint and the heavy-duty protective coating is it leads to very fewer odors that can be uncomfortable and hazardous to the health.

New Technologies Making Mark in Coating Binders Market

The on-going trend of low and zero VOC coatings is offering opportunities for innovation in coating binders. Antimicrobial coating technology is gaining popularity ensuring microbial control, providing hygienic surfaces and providing film preservation in paints. For instance, Croda has launched MyCroFence, a first-generation acrylic binder with the active antimicrobial surface component.

With the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries in the automotive sector, manufacturers in the coating binders market are focusing on developing effective coating binder material that can replace industry standard polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) binder, a toxic solvent with the water-based solvent.

Conductive polymer gel binders ensuring long-term stability of electrodes in high power lithium-ion batteries have gain traction as a novel polymer binder for next-generation high energy and high power lithium-ion batteries. The rise in an autonomous driving system is also resulting in the development of paint and coating binders for vehicle sensors.

Stringent Regulations Impact Growth of Solvent-Based Coatings

Strict environmental regulations and rising consumer awareness regarding health are driving the demand for water-based coatings instead of solvent-based coating binders. The governments and regulatory bodies across the globe are introducing strict regulations on paint and coating industry to limit the impact of VOC on the environment and human health.

Paint manufacturers worldwide are also shifting from solvent-based coating binders to water-based coating binders. China, Latin America, and other developing countries are also planning to introduce regulations on VOCs in paints. Despite existing regulations on VOC in paint and coating industry in the US and Europe, both regions are planning to enforce additional regulations to limit VOC in the next five years.

Competitive Landscape

The Fact.MR report on the coating binders market provides detailed profiles of the leading companies operating in the market. The report also offers an exhaustive assessment of both established and emerging players in the coating binders market. Information on product portfolio, key developments, key financials, and company overview is also offered in the report on the coating binders market.

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