What Do You And Know About Bettis Actuator Springs?

Posted by Alan Smith on February 28th, 2019

An actuator plays an important role in the mechanical industry. It is a type of motor which is used to control and generate motion in the machine. Energy is required to maintain and control the motion with the help of electronic source or with the help of pressurized air.  In automation, it is impossible to start or stop the engine without the help of actuators.

The actuators run with the help of a hydraulic fluid, electric energy or other sources of energy. It is a mechanical device designed to convert electrical energy into physical action. They are used to manufacture the industrial applications which may be used to control the flow of valves, pumps, positioning drives, motor, and switches.

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Different types of Bettis Actuators

1.Mechanical Actuators: - This is a type of actuators which is used to convert rotary motion into linear motion.  It is done with the help of gears, pulleys, chains, and many other mechanical parts. A car jack is the best example of mechanical actuators. It requires a small input to get a higher output.

2.Hydraulic Actuators: - These types of actuators convert hydraulic power into mechanical power. They can produce motion in rotary, linear or oscillatory way. They are highly preferred for handling high force capability and to move the heavy equipment. Hydraulic actuators can generate great force even with a small force. This actuator consists of an empty cylinder fitted with a piston inside. This mechanism works on the principle of pressurizing and de-pressurizing; the movement of the piston generates motion in the mechanical system.

3.Electric Actuators: - These types of actuators are used for control systems which work on electricity. As electricity is easily available, so it is easy to control, them according to the requirements. It becomes easy to create motion with the help of electric actuators. The electrical energy powers the motor which creates motion as well as mechanical torque in the actuators. As they run on electricity, they are hazardous if not used carefully.

4.Pneumatic Actuators: - They are used to convert energy stored in the compressed air at high pressure with the help of rotary or linear motion. The structure of pneumatic actuators is like hydraulic actuators that also function with the help of a piston and cylinder.

The rebuilding of automation system needs spare parts so that they can function smoothly. The bettis actuator springs are the most demanding spare parts in the market. It is designed with the best material so that the actuators can perform well with the springs.

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