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Posted by Axiom - Power Theatre on February 28th, 2019

India is innovating. Entrepreneurship and inventions are coming together to give Indians solutions to their everyday problems. One such unique product is Axiom’s Power Theatre. It has a 10000 mAH power bank and an audio amplifier, that enhances sound by 2x. It also has a well thought out mobile stand which ensures that you don’t have to physically hold your cell phone.

Audio clarity matters to me. As an Account Manager I spend most of my working hours on conference calls getting feedback from our clients. More often than not, I use the speakers on my cell phone as more than one person on our team wants to listen to the feedback given by the client. Invariably, the person sitting farthest from the mobile phone cannot hear a thing.

Axiom Power Theatre amplifies the speaker sound of my cell phone. This sleek, portable device will work on any cell phone and does not need any pesky software installations or Bluetooth connections to work. You simply place the cell phone on the holder and make your phone call.

The amplified sound gives greater quality to my phone calls. The entire team feels like it is part of the conversation. Clear conversation is the key to any business relationship. A clear discussion between my team and the clients ensures everyone is on the same page. 

This is just one of the many uses of the product. Power Theatre is also equipped with 10000 mAH power bank. This allowed me to recharge my mobile while I was engaged on a con-call. Low cell phone battery right before an urgent call was always a source of stress for me. An ordinary power bank would just re-charge my phone. My work would almost come to a standstill because of this. Power Theatre with its thoughtful ‘phone stand’ and power bank now allows me to continue with my tasks and allow me to stay connected with team and my clients.

For that matter notice how by the time you reach home the phone is dis-charged and that is the time when you really want to sit back and watch a web series, a movie or listen to music? Power Theatre has you covered. Just plug in the charging cable to the power bank and play your favourite music.

This sleek revolutionary device is easy to carry about. It fits snuggly into your pocket and is handy in more ways than I can imagine. It is very easy to use. It was a great hit with my parents who are not that tech savvy. They love to video call their old friends who have settled in 7 corners of the world. While their friends struggle to hold their heavy cell phone, my parents sit in ease using their Power Theatre mobile stand.

Power Theatre is as easy to purchase as it is to use. It is currently listed on various online shopping platforms. Just go to Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal and order one now. It has an endearing way of tuning in to your life and making it simpler.

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