Everything you need to know about escape games in Dubai

Posted by Jumble on February 28th, 2019

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular across the world and the craze is not far behind in the UAE. In 2014, escape rooms began making their first appearance in the country and have since become a favorite weekend activity for several residents.

What is an escape room?

The underlying objective of an escape room, as the name should suggest, is to escape a locked room using clues and items available within the same space. There usually is a time limit for such escape rooms within which the task must be completed. Some formats even allow staff to give away a certain number of clues if escapers have a particularly hard time figuring out how to escape.

The traditional escape room is a test of your mental abilities and if you are someone that enjoys solving riddles and puzzles this would be straight up your alley. The experience would be even more enjoyable as you collaborate with your friends and family who you’ve taken with you to solve these riddles.

What kind of challenges can you expect?

The kinds of riddles you would be required to solve will often greatly test your abilities to identify patterns, lateral thinking, and other problem-solving skills. Some riddles you would probably come across could include hidden objects, hidden messages, using objects in the room in an unusual way, or scanning written documents for certain clues in the form of words or numbers.

What are themed escape rooms?

Escape rooms can even be themed around certain situations and even TV shows or movies, thereby lending the escape experience an even more enthralling edge. You can even find Harry Potter, Agatha Christie and horror flick themed escape experiences in Dubai. So if you are looking for escape games in Dubai, you will have multiple options to choose from.

Are there any package deals for this?

Some of these adventure game establishments might even have offers and package deals worth exploring so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket chasing a fun weekend. Be sure to explore the deals available if you intend on taking a large group or if it is for a special occasion.

Such escape experiences can also be a great corporate team building experience and can help greatly boost team dynamics. It is also undoubtedly a great way to blow off some steam.

What is Jumble?

One particular escape game in Dubai that is definitely worth mentioning is Jumble. Jumble is often described as an urban maze. Unlike traditional escape adventures that usually solely test your mental abilities, Jumble tests your physical fitness and stamina as well since some of the challenges involved are physical. Jumble also has various packages for students above age 12, corporate outings and even casual hangouts.

Make your next weekend a little more exciting by putting your physical and mental abilities to the test by trying out an escape game in Dubai.

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