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Interesting Facts About Belgian Chocolate You Never Knew

Posted by coradiaz on February 28th, 2019

Having a piece of Belgian chocolate is like heaven to its last bite. This variety of chocolate remained a preferred delicacy in European and many other nations for centuries. The smooth textured sculpted shells of pralines is everyone’s favorite irrespective of the age group one belongs. Lets us take a dip into some more interesting facts about Belgian chocolate.

Europe is the largest consumer of Belgian chocolates

European countries France Germany are the largest consumer of these chocolates. Belgium, popularly known as the capital of chocolate is the largest producers of chocolate in the world. With around 2000 companies, Belgium exports 400000 tons of chocolate every year. The colonial past of Belgium with Africa brought down cocoa seeds to the country and mastered the art of producing the premium quality chocolates that no one could compete till present.

Belgian chocolate industry is 400 years old.

The earliest traces of Belgian chocolate dates back in 17th century when it was used as a medicine. The first recorded purchase of chocolate was made by the abbot of Baudeloo Abbey in Ghent in the year 1635. Chocolate during its initial days was served to noble families and dignitaries in the form of hot chocolate.

It is made from 100% cocoa butter

Unlike other variants of chocolates, Belgian chocolates are made from 100% cocoa butter. Substitutes like vegetable oils, animal fats are used in other kinds of chocolates which alters the taste and texture of the chocolate tablets. The use of pure cocoa butter gives the Belgian chocolate its rich distinctive taste which has made it a world champion of chocolates.

Belgium owns the world’s largest chocolate factory

Not surprisingly, Belgium has the largest chocolate factory in the world. It is located in the village of Wieze in East Flanders. The factory is owned by the Barry Callebaut group which produces around 270,000 tonnes of chocolate per year.

Belgium chocolate holds many medicinal properties. The cocoa butter used as an ingredient is an unsaturated fat that helps in reducing high cholesterol levels. These chocolates are also a great option for gifts for every occasion. Also, one can find a variety of chocolate gift packages in israel, that are beautiful and impressive. There are a large number of brands that are dedicated to producing the finest quality Belgian chocolate. Brussels airport sells about 2 tons of Belgian chocolate every day. So, when are you buying your pack of chocolates?

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger and the article is about Belgian chocolate.

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