7 Art Supplies Every Art Lover Should Have

Posted by rose wells on February 28th, 2019

Purchasing an art supply is a creative and personal choice as it includes artistic expressions in terms of colors and scale. They are quite expensive in many cases as the works consist of materialistic items and physical labor. There are certain Art supplies in Malaysia that an art lover should have in order to produce amazing work and the following are some:


  1. Pencils.

Graphite pencils are usually used to create outlines as they are easy to carry around which helps one create masterpieces without depending on other stuff. Reliable pencils are important as non-quality materials can damage the creativity and efforts of an individual. One can carry 3-4 pencils so that if one break then others can be used. 2B pencils should be used for general shading and sketching, 4H - lighter shading and 6B - building dark shadows.


  1. Eraser which is kneaded.

A kneaded eraser is pliable, soft and it can be formed into different shapes. An eraser is a necessity when it comes to drawing because one needs to erase every now and then the errors which are unintentional. An individual doesn’t find the opportunity to find crumbles, unlike usual erasers.


  1. Drawing paper.

Fancy sketching paper isn’t required but a drawing paper can create wonders and history has witnessed those amazing moments multiple times. Artists have the tendency to carry those with those as ideas pop up at weird times but the implementation of the ideas make those efforts worth. One should invest a few bucks in these papers.


  1. Painting paper pads.

It is good to have support underneath a drawing paper which makes the effort worth. Painting on a regular drawing paper doesn’t make sense as they are thin and light which makes the paper wet and the charm of the creativity loses. Purchase good painting paper pads as they are thick and the results will outshine without making the paper crumble.


  1. Palette.

An individual can find inexpensive plastic paint palette which is useful for multiple reasons. Every artistic creation needs good products and accessories which isn’t compulsory for all but a good palette brings more credit to the artist with the completion of the creation.


  1. Brushes.

Acrylics should be used with a brush as they bring the desired shades and color to the whole painting. A liner brush, wash brush and filbert should be placed in the collection of an artist.


  1. Paint.

Without any doubt, an individual should have painted with her/him and there shouldn’t be excuses to not have one.


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