Utilizing Onboarding Software to Create a Better Onboarding Experience

Posted by silkroad7 on February 28th, 2019

Companies can lose a lot when one of their newly hired employees decides to resign within their90 dayson the job. They can lose the time and money they spent on recruiting, interviewing, and hiring that employee. In addition, the company can then be forced to invest even more resources in hiring another new employee and suffer any losses due to being down a productive team member. If your company doesn’t focus on employee retention right from the beginning of a new hire’s tenure, you should also be preparing yourself for a huge loss.

There are avariety of reasons for why some employees quickly leave a company in search of another. The good news is that you can eliminate most of these reasons by modifying one single factor at your company: your employee onboarding experience. By improving this experience with tools such as onboarding software, you canimprove your onboarding program and increase employee retention.

Listed below are some tips which you can useto improve your company's onboarding process.

  • Assessment: If you don't have a proper employee onboarding procedure included in your company culture, it's time for some improvisation. The first thing to do is sit back and think about how it feels to be when you spend the first day at a new company. This process includes assessing the things which a newly hired employee might notice and what factors would be crucial for the employee when he/she formulates his/her thinking about the company.
  • Establishing communication: Some companies don't focus on the new employees much and fail to provide necessary information such as where to report, what documents to carry, and what would be their first task at the office. Misinformation on the first day itself leads to the employee formulating a negative image of the company. Instead of this, the employer should be present to welcome all the new employees and, the respective HODs should give the employees a short tour of the office in which they can tell them about the history of the company and introduce the new employees to seniors who can help them initially. The employees should feel that the company cares about each employee so that they can happily work in it.
  • A Structured start: Setting up the necessary equipment isn't enough. You need to structure the entire first week of a newly hired employee so that he/she gets enough time to fit into the company. Another thing you need to make sure is that you don't assign too much work to the new employee because that can create unwanted pressure on the employee, due to which he/she can resign. Your focus should be to prepare the employee to an extent where the employee doesn't need any help and can handle situations himself/herself. Organizing a department lunch within the first week of joining also helps as the employee can also connect personally with others, creating a much-required balance between the personal and professional life.

By following the tips listed above and utilizing tools such as onboarding software, you can improve your onboarding experience. The more engaging this experienceis, the better the return on your hiring investment will be for your company.

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