Commonly Missed Details in Organising a Party

Posted by Nabin Shaw on February 28th, 2019

It takes a lot to organise a party. There might be quite a lot of details you might miss because of the number of things you need to attend to. The worst part is that even if you miss one minor detail, it could ruin the whole event. Remember these things as you begin party planning.


Apart from the kind of food to serve, you also need to consider the allergies and food preferences of your guests. You do not want to serve something that could make another person's face look like a mess. You need to provide a variety of options so that even vegetarians have something to eat during the party. If you provide alcohol, you need to have a licence. Ask the venue owner if they already secured one, or if you need to ask for it.


Check the number of cars that the parking lot can hold. If you have more vehicles than the capacity, you need to have alternative parking options. You also need to check if the venue offers insurance for possible injuries that could occur during the party. If their waiter tripped on something and got injured, you need to know who will be liable for it. If possible, you need to have a master sheet containing all the details on logistics so that you know whom to contact and where to go if you encounter a problem.


You do not want to keep running around the venue once the event has started. You want to make it easy to communicate with the team. You need to have a device where you can quickly speak with them especially for matters that you need to address right away. Find an event app where you can even type symbols to expedite communication.


You want to keep all the guests safe during the event. You need to have a first-aid kit to attend to the problem quickly. If you are organising an event that involves thousands of guests and lots of alcohol, you need a medical team on standby. You cannot take the risk when you know something bad could happen. You also need to check the possible dangers if you are holding the event outdoors. Check the weather forecast on that date. You might have to cancel the plans to do it outdoors if it is going to rain.


You need to have a precise sequence of what will happen during the programme. You also need to come up with a backup plan if things do not go as planned. For instance, a performer is not yet ready; you need to have someone else fill the stage to avoid dead air. Tell the hosts what to do if there are changes. You cannot wait until those performers are ready as it could delay the whole programme.

It is quite stressful hosting a major event. However, you need to have a keen eye on all these details to avoid having problems. You could also partner with party planners Oxfordshire offers if you need help since it is not easy dealing with all the details alone.

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