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Posted by Sarah Addyson on February 28th, 2019

Learning is an ongoing process and people may find themselves in the situation of having to develop new skills, irrespective of whether they are at the university, at the workplace or retired. Without adequate stimuli, learning can become tedious and ineffective; unhappy with the obtained results, schools, universities and learning institutions in general have decided to include games in their learning strategy and thus make the entire process more exciting. Some have decided to hire Serious Games Designers to create customized games which focus on the specific learning objectives of their courses and the results have proven to be encouraging.

As already mentioned, games have been shown to significantly increase the efficiency of the learning process. If you want to change your learning methods and put at your learners’ disposal innovative and exciting modalities of developing skills, Serious Games may be exactly what you need. You can opt for off-the-shelf games that can be purchased online or you can ask the design team to produce an unforgettable game that will enable your learners to successfully achieve all the learning objectives of your educational program. The choice is entirely yours and depends on what you expect to achieve, as well as on your budget. Anyhow, one thing is certain: with an engaging game, you will definitely make learning fun.

Educational institutions and business organizations which have decided to keep up with technological progress and offer learners stimulating and enjoyable modalities of acquiring and developing their skills have realized that they can attain their goals through games. For business organizations, games which focus on organizational culture and which help employees understand and implements concepts such as leadership, communication, teamwork or time management, have proven to be a success. If you are interested in gaming products that will enable your employees to effectively learn how your organization works, how their activity influences the success of your business, what your stakeholders expect you to deliver, etc., a customized game may be the most suitable solution for you.

Educational institutions which focus only on traditional teaching methods and which have not embraced technological change obtain poorer results in comparison with schools and universities which have already adopted modern teaching strategies. If you want your classes to be exciting, enjoyable and instructive, you should consider including educational games in your teaching strategy. With the help of carefully chosen, high-quality digital solutions, you will help your students achieve deeper learning and better retention of information; when exposed to premium digital experiences, learners will find it much easier to assimilate knowledge and enhance their skills. By using an educational game of premium quality, you can make sure that all the students in your class will acquire the required knowledge upon the completion of the courses.

If you are thinking about investing in ready-made games, you should take into consideration several important aspects: to start with, you should opt for products that have been designed by experienced specialists and that have already been tested; also, you should focus on engaging and highly interactive games that encourage the students’ active participation in the learning process. Last but not least, you should search for gaming solutions which are compatible with your IT infrastructure. In case you prefer bespoke gaming products, you should hire a team of designers with a wealth of experience in the industry, who will work closely with you to turn your vision into reality. All in all, it is entirely up to you to effectively use technology to help your students achieve their learning objectives.

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