Multiple Platform Mobile Application Development With React Native

Posted by Mark Taylor on February 28th, 2019

React Native has become very popular these days and is mostly used by mobile application developers to develop various mobile applications. Around a year back software developers used to think that developing a cross-platform application is a very risky and lengthy process. It was a default mindset of many developers that cross-platform products are less user-friendly, difficult to design and are not reliable as well. However, with the introduction of native the mindset of people started changing.

Choosing between a cross-platform application and native mobile applications is still a difficult decision that every developer has to go through. However, according to the current scenario, building a cross-platform application is more easy and useful compared to building a native mobile application.

React Native App Development

So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a cross-platform mobile application?

Native cross-platform apps

Native applications are very popular and when you take into consideration any well-known application, chances are it might be a native application. Most applications that we use on our smartphones our native applications. Unlike Web applications, they are written in Javascript, native applications are written in the languages ​​supported by the platform. For example, object-C or Swift is used to write native iOS applications, Java is used to write native Android applications and C # for Windows Phone applications. Xamarin, NativeScript and React Native are the most common examples of multiplatform languages. You can easily build a build react native app with React Native.

Hybrid Cross-platform application

Most developers considered a hybrid application as a baby of a native application and web applications. However, technically it is a web application. Hybrid applications are built using Javascript, CSS, HTML and they need something called WebView to run. There are situations when it is better to go for a hybrid mobile application. As if you had an idea of ​​a million dollars and you're not sure if people like it or not, the hybrid is a way to put something in your hands as quickly as possible. In the world of new companies, it is known as a minimum vital product: MVP.

Cross-platform Application: Benefits for product owners as well as software programmers:


Cross-platform applications are considerably cheaper to develop and easy to maintain due to the number of factors. Cross-platform applications are precise architectures, you can use half the code on all platforms. Cross-platform Applications are easy to develop and require very less expense as well.  They are based on UI basics, which is a specific platform along with a common code base also contains the application ’s general business logic. The development of a cross-platform application can not help you with the possible errors of the user interface, but it means that the debugging takes a little time because you need to correct the errors that are in the common code once. Unit tests can only be written for common code that saves time and resources for testing.

One product, One team and two platforms

Application owner who wish to have cross-platform applications only need one team of programmer who is trained enough to deal with strategies in order to build a cross-platform application.

Advantages of modern cross-platform application for the end user

Ideal for prototyping

React native is an ideal application development process for prototyping as it allows for faster development and release of an application which works perfectly fine on both platforms at the same time. There are many product owners who wish to release their application as soon as possible in the market before somebody else caesars their opportunity. With React Native you will be able to hit the market without sacrificing the quality of voting as well as the end product.

Greater market reach and easy to market as well

Mobile applications are in one way or tool for promoting offers on sales channel for various websites and businesses. These days people prefer using cross-platform applications compared to the native application sent by developing just a single application you will be able to type both operating systems and target more audiences.

Which is the best cross-platform application development tool?

The development of the cross-platform mobile application allows developers to code only once and implement an application across multiple platforms. Let me show you the list of cross-platform mobile application development platforms and tools that provide faster development and implementation. You can Hire Top Senior React native Developers to develop an application for your business and have greater market reach.

React Native

When it comes to React native, all credit goes to Facebook for building it and presenting to the world as an open source of JavaScript library. Now you can create react native app Very easily which looks and feels native as well. The development of React started with hackathons in 2013. React is the supreme example of a technology that programmers have created for themselves and when they were looking for a tool to combine the best things in mobile development with the agility and power of Reacting to the environment native. The origin of React Native has led to the great community of passionate people who have invested in the development of the framework.   the number of React native app builder has also increased.

React Native uses various blocks to compromise effective and efficient mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms using common JavaScript codebase. React native application developers are able to see their code and its implementation on a real mobile screen in real time. React-native provides development tools for application packaging and hence is a huge amount of time as well.

The popularity of React Native is increasing every day and more and more developers are preferring it over other application development method. When it comes to React native vs swift,  according to the recent research, most people are choosing react-native overslept because of its simplicity and fast result.

Now that you know the advantages of React Native and how it is useful compared to other application development method, we are pretty sure that you will choose react-native only and another application development method.

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