Four Reasons Why You Need EDI For Your Business

Posted by Jennifer Roberts on February 28th, 2019

Electronic data interchange (EDI) means communicating data and information that was done on paper previously. In business, some of this information include; purchase orders, invoices, and receipts among others. This technology has been in use since the early 70s, and every day with new technological advances, EDI grows and gets better, convenient and more acceptable all over. Papers have lots of disadvantages all together, and this is the reason why it is highly advisable for business owners to embrace EDI in their organizations. Here are some of the reasons why you should introduce EDI in your business.

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1.Effectiveness And Efficiency

As businesses plan on technological growth and expansion, they need to consider lots of reasons as to whether it would be of benefit to them or not. EDI managed services must meet all client and business owners needs at all times and levels. In case of an emergency, a client should manage to get to a company through their EDI system and easily get all necessary help. The volume of customers also might grow very fast in an unexpected way, and during such a situation, this system should be able to handle all the unexpected pressure on it. In a situation where the EDI system would fail to take up such pressure, this would be catastrophic to the company as it might lead to loss of clients.

2.Easy To Use

If a client is required to maneuver around a new software that they have never handled or used before, then it would be of importance if the interface was easy and self-explanatory to everyone. Most people need help with different applications and software especially if it’s their first time of using them. The good thing about EDI is the fact it is easy to use and therefore even without the help of a customer service team, some can maneuver around it. However, to avoid mistakes or struggle for any client who is trying to learn new things, the customer care team should always be at standby to help out in case their customers got stuck.

3.Saves on money

Every organization tries as much as it can to cut on its cost. That is why EDI managed services befit well as compared to the use of employees in their place. Installation of such software could seem expensive but as soon as they get fully installed, maintaining them can never be compared to paying human to do the same job. A good example would be a company installing software where clients can make their purchase orders online through them or the company processes that allow real-time notifications to the client on the progress. Also, online receipts sent as the goods are dispatched and easy online track of goods by both the client and the business owner through the delivery process. That saves much on lots of stationery cost and salaries for attendants that would be stationed to do all these jobs manually.

4.High Processing Speeds And Fewer Margins Of Errors

EDI managed services are a computer to computer communication, and this happens very fast depending on network strength. That would be very good to the client and the business owners too since these requests get processed in the speed of light. That can as well happen with a human, but the difference would be accuracy levels. For a computer, the accuracy level is measurable to a clean 99%. Employees sometimes tend to suffer from fatigue and hence slows them down and get lots of errors in between. This is where EDI comes in with a reliable solution, which is high speed and high accuracy.

Receipts, invoices and other such documents could be a thing of the past if companies can embrace technological advancements as the EDI. While many might not be prepared for change, they should that a good change is always good both for improvement of efficiency and probably increase revenues.

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