What are the benefits of implants in seniors?

Posted by markwahl barg on March 1st, 2019

Oral health in patients over 65 is essential to maintain a good quality of life. Dental implants Irvine, CA treatment in old age has many benefits.

For these people affected by the loss of one or several teeth, even in some cases all of them, they have the option to replace these teeth well with dentures, bridges or dental implants.

Advantages of this treatment in people over 65 years

1. The patient has his teeth fixed immediately.

2. It decreases the cost of treatment, precisely because of that immediacy.

3. It saves treatment time and decreases visits to the family Dentist Irvine, CA.

4. The patient goes on the same day with the feeling of instantaneous improvement of their dental and oral functions.

5. The aesthetic is recovered, with the consequent psychological sensation of reduction of social pressure, the possibility of smiling without complexes.

6. Improve self-esteem, feeling happier and younger and more confident about ourselves.

7. Being able to eat everything we want without discomfort or pain, that is, improving functionality.

8. We delay the aging of the face: they prevent maxillary bone density from being lost, so we will prevent it from occurring.

We cannot forget that the teeth loss, implies greater infection risk, loss of bone and tissue, in addition to causing instability of the surrounding teeth which may lead to more extractions in the future.

Despite these other options discussed above, it is usual for implants to be the ideal and longest solution.

It is advisable to find the best dental implants dentist Irvine, CA so you can get the permanent solution which means that you will not have to replace them again.

What if I do not have enough maxillary bone?

It is true that for this treatment, you must take into account the bone density but if that happens there are different alternatives to solve it.

It requires that the patient have sufficient bone density in the jaw, but if the teeth have been lost as a result of caries or periodontal disease such as pyorrhoea, in many cases there are losses of bone density, and in those cases it will require the performance of bone grafts which will make the process longer.

Thanks to the best cosmetic dentist in Orange County, CA, they can treat patients in the most complex cases of bone failure, offering effective and successful solutions in the results.

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