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Posted by markdz8 on March 1st, 2019

Since prehistoric times, dance has been an important part of religious rites and sacred ceremonies. Most of the religions of the world have, in some point of time, included dance in their worship. Trained dancers were employed in the ancient Indian temples, who danced to the music played by temple musicians. In Christianity, the acceptance of dance has seen a lot of shifts. However, today there are many churches that include praise dance as a part of their worship rituals. The popularity of sacred dance or praise dance has grown in the last couple of decades, which has also lead to the emergence of special worship dancewear. If you are looking for such clothes, there are many stores that sell worship dancewear online at a discount.

Praising the gods with our voices is considered a powerful tool, but worship is much more than that. Different people may have different ways of worship. Some may want to sing while some may want to play an instrument while others may want to dance and there is nothing that can stop them. Here are three reasons why you can and you must include dance in worship:

1. Most religions do not say anything against dancing.

In Christianity, some people say that dancing is a form of expression of praise according to the Old Testament and not the New Testament. However, some argue that even though the New Testament doesn’t mention dance explicitly, there is nothing to prove that it does not allow it. Even religions like Islam and orthodox Judaism has various sects that allow dancing, albeit with a few restrictions.

2. Dance is a more visual medium of worship.

A lot of people choose to dance during a prayer service because they feel uplifted by it. They consider it as a visual expression of their love and devotion to their god. Dance is a powerful emotional experience that can help let go of inhibitions, get in touch with faith and allow the inner voices to shine through the bodily movements.

3. Dance can help transcend all boundaries.

When a group of dancers move along to the rhythm of a devotional song or band music, they are transcending all barriers of class, community and language. For the duration of the dance, they are one- one group moving in sync and their movements meant as a declaration of holy praise.

Dance has been considered sacred and thought to have causative powers for thousands of years. Over time, the art form evolved in terms of structure, style and even meaning. However, even today, it still remains an impressive and powerful form of expression.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about dance in worship.

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