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Posted by advancetech on March 3rd, 2019

Antistatic air gun or Ionized Air Gun is the ideal technique of removing static, contaminants and dust from three-dimensional parts before assembling, packaging,
painting or finishing. The Ionized Air Gun neutralizes the static electricity and cleans at distances up to 2 feet. When ordinary compressed air is used to remove dust, its efficiency gets reduced. In case the static charge, which holds the dust to the product is not neutralized, both the product and the dust will remain statically charged and capable of re-contamination. The ion air gun is rugged in design and an industrialized Ionized Air Gun.

We are providing Ionized Air Gun /ionizing nozzle. It is mainly used to eliminate static charges and blow off contaminants from the surface of laminated woods, plastics, rubbers and glass. At the same time, the neutral surface doesn't re-attract airborne contaminants from the manufacturing process. If the compressed air is ionized, the static charge will be eliminated, which allows superior quality cleaning without re-attraction.

Features of Ionized Air Gun

Ionized Air Gun neutralize static charges on several materials and clean the surface using ionized compressed air. Neutralizing the static charges makes it easier to blow-clean the surface and prevents dust and dirt particles from being reattracted. The compressed air used for this purpose must be free from oil and water. The guns are connected to a power unit which supplies the required high voltage. Ionized Air Gun has a rugged design and therefore ideal for use in industrial applications.

Our specially designed Ionized Air Gun is ergonomically designed, ruggedly constructed, self-powered and has variable flow control which allows for a particulate-free process with no emitter points to clean. The Ionized Air Gun features an ergonomic design and rugged construction. This Ionized Air Gun is self-powered and has variable flow control, which allows for a durable/long lasting and clean – particulate free process, with no emitter points to clean.

We understand how it is absolutely essential for personal safety and to secure reliable solutions to manage electrostatic discharge when dealing with these types of Ionized Air Gun. That’s why we have created a perfect, cleanest available, and safe Ionized Air Gun for our customers. With the safety and flexibility of the Ionized Air Gun, it is ideal for laboratory, industrial, and critical environments.

Why Us!

This product allows for use in tight confines which provides flexibility, reliability, lack of maintenance, and the ability to perform in environments where corona is not an option.

We (company name) are providing Ionized Air Gun to customers around the world for nearly (22) years, we Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd has been a global supplier of devices that eliminate electrostatic discharge in environments such as R&D, laboratory, technology, industrial applications, and automotive.

The Ionized Air Gun, specially designed by our team of R&D professionals, has been accrediting and praised by customers spread across nations. We (company name) always focus on reliable Quality, sustainable Ruggedness and On-time customer support, to enrich our customers with unmatched services and products.

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