Liqui Keto eyes and one special thing I would tell you guys if you're gonna make

Posted by vasdagyhoasiu on March 3rd, 2019

Liqui Keto it in some type of broth because those little nibs never catch flavor so actually soaking them and drying them out and some type of broth is definitely gonna keep that nice flavor it actually makes it a little bit fun to eat you know so there's definitely ways to kind of work around cauliflower rice I have to try so many recipes out to get it right but I eventually got it right so that was one of my favorite things to eat too but in the beginning avocados eggs fish and shrimp and I ain't like a lot of broccoli in the beginning to in cabbage I love cabbage cabbage with everything was just so good and then just like making like I used to make a lot of avocado base like dressings and stuff like that and like you know for my for my fish and stuff just I'll dip the fish or drip dip the shrimp and kind of like taziki's sauce or dip it in like an avocado base sauce that I create so I kind of had to be creative you kind of have to make recipes based on what you you know like based on what you like and then make bulk recipes out of it so that also comes to the part of like meal prepping I never meal prepped in the beginning of the diet because I didn't know if I was gonna like the stuff to be honest with you guys I know if I don't like it so in the beginning I made the meals as I went tasted them like them so one thing that I did in the beginning I would make the cauliflower mac and cheese which is my favorite honestly is so good you end up even though my modified keto I still eat the cauliflower mac because it's just so good so I make a pan of cauliflower mac and cheese I would cut it up in squares and then out meal prep those and I don't have like maybe like a few pieces of grilled shrimp or I have like a piece of tilapia or something on the side with it so those will be my meals because that's something I actually enjoyed so that for instance that's something I would meal prep so in the beginning you're not initially gonna meal prep because you're not gonna know if you like the food I'm being completely honest in the beginning the food for me I had to realize that it's not even though it's it's considered diet food is low carb food you're not eating rice pasta and bread that does not mean that you can't season the food keep the sodium low but you can definitely put garlic onion powder parsley scallions oregano you could season the food and that's the thing that I kind of feel people get caught up when it comes to the keto diet especially for my Islanders and for just people that like flavours and stuff like that you don't necessarily have to go out there and wrack your brain about oh is this keto is this keto if your hatred for my Haitians out there like me you like glue yo grills fried pork you can have the skin you can have the back part you have all types of it and put some pique leaves on top and just eat that honestly and surely fry pinions the thing about it here's another point it has to be fried in olive oil I know you guys think olive oils super expensive especially with the people that don't live in the States if you go to Costco you can get the olive oil from Phillipos I think that's I don't know the brand but you can get that of oil for about 16 dollars or twenty dollars that'll last you a long time in bulk so you can do you can do your gluteal fried and that put a little peak Lee's on top and eat it like that that's keto for my Jamaicans Trinis all my Islanders my Jamaicans you 

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