The Best Chemical Suppliers Fuel The Growth On Indian Chemical Industry

Posted by Asit Roy on March 3rd, 2019

The chemical industry is one of the strongest pillars of the Indian economy and is also one of the oldest industrial sectors in India. The industry also forms a backbone for agriculture and other industries and is necessary for them to build and sustain their growth. The 6th largest chemical industry of the world, the Indian chemical industry only ranks after China and Japan in Asia.

Suppliers And Exporters Of Chemicals In India
The chemical industry of India produces more than 60,000 different kinds of products. A strong, capable and extensive supplier and exporter network ensure that the chemicals reach to the various consuming industries and other consumers in the right form safely, and in the least of time. The high capacity supplier network provides chemicals to various industries including plastic, dyes, pigments, petrochemicals, fertilizer, agrochemical, pesticides, engineering and specialty product industry, and other industries. KPL International, with experience for more than 50 years, is one of the largest chemical suppliers in India. The firm possesses the ISO and OHSAS 18001 certification. It deals in a wide range of chemical products. These include advanced materials (PET, POM fibre, oxygen scavengers and others), chemicals (including acrylic acid, calcium fluoride, soy polymers, wax based additives and innumerable others), engineering products ( such as fluxes, valves, diverters, wires, machines and rolls etc.), gases (such as pharmaceutical propellants, SF6 and others), minerals, pigments, metals, paper, polymer and waxes. The leading supplier of chemicals in India also has the chemical producing factories at Ankleshwar and Vishakapatnam, and also deals in textiles, renewable energy, and in industrial and automotive electronics. The company uses the SAP-3 technology to manage the flow of information in its operations, and hence abides by and follows the world standards for information management and usage. The company is also a leading exporter of chemicals and features in the ICIS (Independent Chemical Information System) top 100 list of global chemical suppliers/distributors.

Astounding Growth
The value of the Indian chemical industry will soon reach USD 100 billion in the next few years. The industries are on a rapid and high growth path, and around 70% of the inputs of the Indian manufacturing sector are provided by the chemical suppliers and distributors only. Indian chemical distributors and suppliers are deemed to be highly efficient and finest in the world. Agro Chemicals and pesticides from the major exports of the Indian chemical industry and the industry also specialises in the production of generic insecticides. The Indian chemical industry is capable to produce high quality and products that also adhere to the stringent western regulations related to quality. The good quality of products ensures that the Indian products are popular worldwide with the chemical importers and can be used by various industries for producing better end products. 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) is also possible in chemical industry of India and the extensive important supplier network ensures that the best of chemical manufacturers of the world have good business and growth opportunities in India.

You should consult and reach out to the leading suppliers only when you want to procure high-quality chemical products for your own operations and manufacturing. It is also good to choose a leading supplier that offers you a wide range of chemical goods and other allied products as well so that you can achieve a better bargain and get all your procurement from a single supplier, thereby achieving better profitability and cost-related benefits.

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