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Posted by Atiya Tuma on March 4th, 2019

Quick car sales what all car sellers look out for when selling a used car in the UAE. As the car selling process is followed by certain rules and regulations which are not very easy to follow. Not everyone is capable to sell a used car easily and quickly due to not knowing the market fully and also about the changing trends. However, there are plenty of ways to know how to sell a car in the UAE quickly and for a good profit margin as well.

Car experts have tried to convey what car buyers are looking for and following those tips, sellers can easily find a car buyer. Selling used cars for cash or selling a car quickly in the UAE can be possible if your car is attractive enough to lure potential buyers. Here are some tips car experts to get your car sold in minutes.

What does Your Car Worth at the Moment?

This is the most essential step in the car selling process and if a seller skips this step, they are likely to find a potential buyer for their car with much difficulty. From multiple online platforms to car market survey and online car value calculators, there is an abundance of easy and quick ways to find the worth of your car. If a car owner is looking for cash for cars, they must go through this step before putting your car on sale. A number of car value calculators are found on car buying websites in the UAE, where the seller can provide some basic information about the car. This way sellers can evaluate their vehicle quickly and find an estimated price at the moment for their car. This way, the car seller will set a realistic asking price and this will help them to get the best possible price for their used car. Whereas, getting your car evaluated by car dealers can be very unpleasant, as they are famous for quoting way too less price for a used car.

Inspecting your car First and then go For Quick Fixes

Many car buyers do this mistake and suffer a low price against their car, whereas, with some smart moves they can have fast cash for cars. Before you put your car for sale on online platforms or publish an ad of used cars for sale Abu Dhabi, it is essential to get your vehicle checked by a specialist. Take some time out and visit a car expert, get your vehicle thoroughly checked and find out which major parts can cause damage to your profit in the sale. If the damages are small and inexpensive, consider getting them fixed before selling it. However, if the fixes are expensive, skip them and let the potential buyers know of the required fixes honestly.

Also, get your car serviced when selling the car for cash, this includes getting your car washed from the inside out, refreshing the paint and retouching small scratches on the exterior. This leaves a good impression on car buyers and sometimes end up having some more cash for your car. Note that no car buyer wants to have a broken dirty or stinky vehicle, until or unless they are buying junk vehicles.

Choosing the Right Car Selling Platform

Sale car in UAE can be hassle-some if sellers are not aware of the right car buying platforms. Not every car selling way is equally good and profitable for everyone. There are high chances that you are posting an ad at an online classified website and your car sells quickly, but there is a chance of a no sale at all. The car selling process requires sellers to find out the best way that suits them and gives them a quick sale and more profit.

There are many Car Buying Specialist companies working in the UAE that give cash for cars and gives a guaranteed sale. While in some cases, selling your car to the dealer or through an online classified can be risky and less profitable. Choosing such a car selling platform to let the car sellers do all the work by themselves, whereas choosing the car buying specialists is less hassle-free, quick car sales and safe. The sellers have to check the value of their car, take the vehicle on appointment date for an inspection and they will get a final quote under 30 minutes. They are not required to do any extra effort while the expert available at the company’s branch will inspect their car thoroughly. This way sellers find it easy and safe to sell a car in the UAE and cash for their used car without even worrying about the post sales paperwork.


Selling used cars to potential buyers is what all car sellers require when planning to sell a used car. However, many tips and tricks help car sellers to get the best value for the vehicle. Car owners must look out for those tips to enhance the resale value and get more profit from the sale. While, if you are in hurry or want to sell a car for cash safely, car buying specialist companies are a great way to do that.

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