Avoid Disappointment by Performing a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Posted by autoguru on March 4th, 2019

Thinking about buying a used car? Good for you! But be careful before spending your hard earned money as things may not be good as they seem to be. There is a reason why leading experts recommend buyers to conduct in-depth pre purchase inspection.

Performing a Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection checklist holds great importance. This is to make sure that the car has legal proves and a clear history. This guide will help you to know the things needed to check before purchasing a used car-

Pre-Owned Car Checklist


First of all check for the idle response when firing up the engine. If you hear any rattling sound when the motors warms up, there could be an issue. Moreover, constant knocking can be a sign of bad maintenance. You can also check for any oil leakage for further assessment.

Suspension and Tires

Push down on every corner of the car and check the suspension and tires. To precisely inspect the suspension, take a test drive and see if there is any misalignment or uneven wear.
HVAC & Exhaust

HVAC is easy to check as you just have to see whether the air conditioning system is working on variable speeds and the compressor should be free from any noise. Moreover, in a Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection, you should also check whether any excessive blue exhaust smoke is coming out or not.

If the smoke is black, then there might be an issue with the fuel system. While white smoke will mean head gasket failure ( burning antifreeze indicator).

Instrument Gauges & Lights

Make sure that the tachometer, odometer, and speedometer are in optimal working conditions. When you see a warning light on the instrument cluster, as this may be a sign of a serious issue.

Dents and Rust

Last but not the least, inspect the car for anybody dents, rust, and any imperfections. Improper panels and exterior paint will either mean an accident or cheap repair. In addition to this, you can also look for any underbody rust problems, because underneath a glossy paint cover there could be trust lurking.

The Bottom Line

Aforementioned autoguide for Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection can be very helpful if followed accordingly. Pre-purchase inspection has saved hefty bucks for expensive repairs to many consumers, so it won’t make any sense not to follow this checklist.

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