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Posted by Sarah Addyson on March 4th, 2019

Bird supplies are essential to the happiness and health of your pets and even if you have never owned one so far, it is a good idea to know exactly what is required. There are a lot of products to choose from and many of them are a must. First of all, birds require their own living place, so invest in a large and high-quality cage. Based on your available space, it is recommended buying a very spacious one, so that your bird will have enough space to move around while being captive. They should be designed from durable and non-toxic materials and be easy to clean and maintain as well. 

Afterwards, other important bird supplies refer to food. They require formulary diets, such as pellets and you need to include other types as well, such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables, beans and nuts, even cooked brown rice. Some foods are very toxic for birds, such as chocolate, avocado, onion and obviously, alcohol. Toys are necessary for all pets, so birds need to benefit from them as well. You can find a wide variety at pet shops and they will not get bored of them if you switch constantly and provide 4-6 at a time. You have to make sure the bird is active and sociable and maintain its beak healthy as well. 

These supplies apply to other types of pets as well, as you need to provide a welcoming environment for them and good care. Instead, they will offer companionship and unconditional love. For those who want to have small, furry friends, rabbits, hamsters, Guinea pigs, are more than idea. Of course, you have to think about their personal space and what you should provide them at all times. Timothy hay is a natural grass that when it is cut and fried, ends up being high in fiber and low in protein. Vets consider it as one of the best versions to feed to pets, rabbits and Guinea pigs especially. 

Timothy hay has many benefits, promoting natural chewing and helping to wear down cheek teeth. Small pets are able to maintain their dentition better thanks to it. Not to mention that the hay is very important for their intestinal tract, because it contains fibers. Soft stools are reduced, bloating as well and the digestive system is stimulated to prevent obesity. You can provide it freely to your furry friend, so they have it around at all times. 

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