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Contracting Hepatitis leads to the severe inflammation of the liver which can even prove to be fatal if not treated timely. Inflammation hampers regular liver functioning, causing the toxins to accumulate and preventing the proper assimilation of nutrients in the body.  One big major cause of Hepatitis is viral infections. However, sometimes, you may also contract the disease by exposure caused to some specific toxic substances.

While many Hepatitis virus strains may gradually go on their own, Hepatitis C is the deadliest of them all and is the leading cause of liver cancer. Timely diagnosis followed by the proper prescriptions and monitoring is critical for effective treatment.

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The functionality of liver and effects of hepatitis

The main responsibility of the liver is to clear the bloodstream of all the harmful substances that can hamper the normal body functions. These may include fats, dead cells, hormones and bilirubin, and other toxic elements.

As a result of the attack of the Hepatitis C Virus, the liver tends to become swollen, inflamed, and tender and its ability to filter blood get badly affected. This further leads to the build-up toxins in the system. Processing of certain nutrients also comes to the halt, which can lead to the diseased state of the body.

Hepatitis Types

Broadly categorized, the following are the most common types of Hepatitis viruses that can affect liver functionality.

1. Hepatitis A: Spread of this virus can lead to acute liver malfunction. Here the recovery rate is fairly high. If you are somehow contracted by this, you should be fine within a span of 2-3 months.
2. Hepatitis B: It is also spread via a virus. Just like Hepatitis A, full recovery chances stand optimally high at 85%. However, If things go wrong, you may develop liver cirrhosis or even cancer in the worst case scenario.    
3. Hepatitis C: With a whopping 87% of the viral intrusions resulting in chronic liver diseases, Hepatitis C is bad news! Its progress is slow but deadly and can potentially wreck-havoc by damaging the liver badly. For proper diagnosis and Hepatitis cure, get in touch with Hep C Live Free immediately.  
4. Hepatitis D: It is comparatively rare but sometimes can attack by combining itself with Hepatitis B. The conjunction can be life-threatening.
5. Hepatitis E: This disease is commonly known to specifically attack pregnant women. Also, it is more prevalent outside the boundaries of States and Mexico.
6. Autoimmune Hepatitis: Apart from the virus, Hepatitis can also be induced by the toxins in the body. Commonly known as Autoimmune Hepatitis, it is caused by over abusing the body by undeterred use of alcohol and drugs. Toxins further destroy the immune system, ultimately leading to liver breakdown.

Modes of Transmission  

Hepatitis A:It is contagious and can spread from one person to another. Drinking contaminated water or eating raw shellfish too can aid the spread.

Hepatitis B & C: The most common mode of transmission for Hepatitis B and C is the infected blood or some other bodily fluid. This automatically puts the clinical staff, doctors, patients etc. at a greater risk of contamination due to exposure to the infected blood.  

Besides this, the drug users sharing the infected syringes can also contract the deadly diseases. Having unprotected physical relations with an infected partner also puts you at a greater risk of contraction.

Hepatitis D: As discussed earlier, Hepatitis D requires the presence of Hepatitis B for its replication. Common transmission modes are infected with blood and other bodily fluids.

Hepatitis E:There are two ways Hepatitis E virus can reach you - either the oral or the fecal route. Consumption of the fecally contaminated water is the most common reason behind catching the virus.

Autoimmune Hepatitis:Over consumption of drugs and alcohol leads to Autoimmune.

Common Signs that you should not miss

Many symptoms are associated with Hepatitis that should not be overlooked. At the slightest hint of the problem, you must immediately see the expert physicians at

Here are a few of the signs:

1.    On and off flu coupled with fever
2.    Weakness in the body
3.    Loss of appetite
4.    Recurrent pain in muscles and joints
5.    Drowsiness and vomiting
6.    Discomfort in abdomen
7.    Darkening of the urine and lightening of stools
8.    Jaundice

The blood test at a reputed diagnostic clinic will be able to detect the disease.

In wake of any symptoms, one must seek medical help immediately. Improved and affordable medications can cure the disease completely. For further details on the diagnostics and Hepatitis cure, get in touch with HepC Live Free today.

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