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How to draw a unicorn

Posted by bestspinner on March 4th, 2019

how to draw a unicorn

Unicorns are one of the most beautiful mythical creatures. And in this drawing guide we will show you how to draw a unicorn. These are mythical creatures that symbolize purity, in the broad sense of spiritual purity. Usually represented in the form of a horse with one horn appearing from the forehead.

Step 1
So, regardless of the origin of the myth, this character is a horse and we will use how to draw a horse. First sketch the head in a circle, then the chest and pelvis in a circle. Use simple lines for sketching the neck and limbs. Remember that in the first step we need to use a very light line.

Step 2
Let's add a few volumes. First sketch the muzzle and the long neck, thickening it to the torso. In our heads sketched ears, eyes, horns and manes. Now connect the circle, drawn in the previous step and the shape of the torso. Add volume to the legs and draw the nails. Note that the foot must be pointed closer to the nail. At the end of the step, sketch the tail.

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Step 3

In the last two steps we created the general contour of our mythical horned horse, and starting with this step we will work in detail. Let's start with the head, carefully describing the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Remember that starting with this step we use clear and dark lines.

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Step 4
Continue drawing instructions on how to draw a unicorn. Remove all the help lines from the neck and pull the beautiful mane. The hairline on the mane must go from root to tip, so that the hair looks the most natural.

Step 5
Let's go down a little and describe the front foot, delete the guidelines. Note, that under the skin is clearly visible breastbone and joints in the legs. Consider all these details when you will draw forelimbs.

Step 6
Here we do the same action but this time with the hind legs, that is, removing all unnecessary additional lines from the legs and carefully pulling them, making the lines clear and beautiful. Consider all muscle and tendon bends to achieve the greatest naturalness.

Step 7
There is very little left. This is a very simple step where we describe a long and majestic unicorn tail. To do this, we need to use a long and slightly crooked line. As we already know, the hairline must start from the root to the tip.

Step 8
So, in the last step of all our articles, we always add shadows, and here we will do the same. To do this we will use classic hatching. Just add it in the area of ​​the unicorn's body which is the least lit. Also for the tail and mane to be more realistic and natural by adding a few more curved lines.

how to draw a Unicorn

This is another drawing guide in the categories "Myths and Legends" which, as usual, are made by a team of DrawingForAll artists.

Unicorn mythical animals are present in many world traditions. The pictures are known: the goat is in the East, and then in the West - deer or horse. This graceful animal is always depicted with one horn on its forehead, most often in a spiral shape.

Today we have drawn the most traditional version of this extraordinary mythical creature that we can see in various books and films.

We sincerely hope that we can help our readers learn to sketch unicorns - graceful fantastic creatures, familiar to many cultures since ancient times.

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