Global Pedelec Market:Future Forecast Indicates Impressive Growth Rate Till 2028

Posted by Arslan on March 5th, 2019

A pedelec – a short for pedaled electric cycle – is a type of low-powered electric bicycles, in which a small electric motor assists the rider’s pedaling. Though pedelecs are considered conventional bicycles in many countries, pedelecs consist of battery-operated pedal assist, which differentiates pedelecs from conventional bicycles and regular electric bicycles.

The Fact.MR study provides comprehensive information on growth parameters of the pedelec market for the period between 2018 and 2027. The report provides detailed analysis on important macro and microeconomic factors that will be instrumental in shaping the pedelec market during the forecast period.

The Fact.MR study also provides readers with actionable insights on recent developments in the pedelec market, along with lucrative opportunities for stakeholders, including pedelec manufacturers and distributors, and pedelec market growth. Accurate and reliable estimates about quantitative conclusions about the growth of the pedelec market are featured in the Fact.MR report on pedelec market.     

Environmental and Physical Benefits of Using Pedelecs Improve Their Sales Potential

With the growing awareness about negative effects of internal combustion engines in conventional vehicles on the environment, consumers are making a shift away from petrol/diesel vehicles. Unlike CI engines in vehicles, pedelecs generate no harmful emissions and do not contribute to air pollution, thereby, providing a sustainable mode of transportation. The environmental relevance of pedelecs is one of the most important factors accelerating growth of the pedelec market.

While increased environmental awareness has provided a fillip to the global sales of electric vehicles, health-conscious consumers are more inclined towards purchasing pedelec. Owing to their positive impacts on the environmental health as well as physical health, the number of pedelecs sold across the world is expected to surge in the coming years.

Technological Advancements in Pedelec Systems Define Future of the Pedelec Market

Along with its minimal carbon footprint, pedelecs are gaining popularity among consumers as they provide a convenient solution to their fitness needs and urban congestion. Manufacturers in the pedelec market are shifting their focus on research & development of advanced solutions to eliminate drawbacks of pedelecs associated with imbalance between torque and speed.

Pedelec market players are aiming to introduce advanced technological solutions, such as intelligent control systems, which can enable the implementation of automatic or semi-automatic transmission for optimized energy utilization in pedelecs. Technological developments like these are likely to become predominant trends in the pedelecs market in upcoming years.

Notable Highlights in the Pedelec Market

  • Yamaha Motor Company Limited, a Japanese manufacturer of electrically power assisted bicycles (EPAC), recently introduced a new 600Wh inTube battery for EPACs. The company announced that it will be supplying the Multi Location™ 600Wh, which allows its OEM customers to stylize the integrated designs of EPACs and complements existing external battery versions. The company revealed that the new 600Wh battery provides 20% more capacity than conventional battery packs in pedelecs.
  • Pedego Electric Bikes, an American player in the pedelec market, recently announced the launch of the Pedego Conveyor – a mid-drive commuter electric bike. The company declared that the combination of smooth mid-drive power and advanced drivetrain technology allows users to increase the speed of the pedelec up to 20mphwith the support of Pedal Assist.
  • The European Commission, based on the Article 5 of Regulation (EU) 2016/1036, recently initiated an anti-dumping investigation associated with the imports of pedelecs from China. The Commission found that Chinese manufacturers were dumping pedelecs in the European Union to low prices and thereby, the Commission has imposed stiff duties on pedelecs imported from China.
  • The European Commission has submitted a proposal to impose the Motor Insurance Directive on electric bikes, including pedelecs. This may  impact on growth of the pedelec market as well as the electric bicycle industry in the coming future.
  • Bosch, a multinational electronics company, recently announced the market launch of anti-lock braking system (ABS) for electric bikes (e-bikes) and high-end pedelecs. Though the implementation of ABS in pedelecs is in its nascent stage, the company has announced that it will make ABS for some high-end models of pedelecs commercially available by the end of 2018.
  • Shimano, Inc., a cycling component manufacturer, announced that in the second half of the year 2018, it will introduce innovative products to expand the range of Shimano STEPS pedelec systems, mainly focusing on its top model of e-bikes – E800.

The report focuses on recent company developments in the pedelec market by providing critical information about leading market players. The report provides a comprehensive list of pedelec market players such as Giant Bicycle Inc., Yamaha Corporation, Derby Cycle AG, M1-Sporttechink, Helkama Velox, Pedego Electric Bikes, Magnum Bikes USA, Panther International GmbH, Visiobike, and BH Bikes.

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