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Posted by dynamite5 on March 5th, 2019

There are a number of factors signalling that it is time to move from the old business management solution to new cloud-based solution like KAIZENCLOUD. To determine if you are ready for a change, read the list of reasons below and see if you are facing any of them.

Finding it difficult to manage your growing business

Initially you dealt with trifles - employing only a handful of employees and working from the office.

Today your company is successful and has fully developed departments, employs more people and needs more advanced tools for effective operations management. The efficiency of your company grew along with its business goals.

Old business management solution may not support new features available KAIZENCLOUD. And the saddest thing is that you end the tedious solutions or - what's worse - you just work without the latest technology.

Requiring new deployment possibilities and remote access methods

The larger the company grows, the more flexibility the technology requires. If you have a rigorous business management solution plan, with problematic scalability and / or poor remote access capability, you run the risk of delaying the competition in terms of performance and speed of service.

Today you must be able to have features that KAIZENCLOUDis providing:

  • change the existing implementation mode without losing performance,
  • select the functions required only for a specific business operation, and
  • Access to business management solution on the go and on different devices.

For example, if your company has an international branch, it is important that you can work with the ERP solution in the cloud, because it allows anyone to log in to the same database in real time.

Free IT Resources to work on Project

There is a chance that your internal IT departments do not have the bandwidth to manage the ERP system on a daily basis. However, if your ERP system is not on cloud your IT resources will require to spend their time on maintenance, upgrades and repairs and this ultimately impact the overall project completion rate.

However, when ERP is in the cloud like KAIZENCLOUD, regular maintenance is handled off site and automatically. Free IT resources to work on projects you want to work on; projects that help in the development of the company.


KAIZENCLOUD is designed to meet the requirements of the main system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Moreover, HLS provides a framework that guarantees a consistent result of the standard ISO development process, which is a heavy and complex. Finally, ISO would like to ensure that the developed standards will not be too prescriptive.

These standards enable KAIZENCLOUD with flexibility in diversifying and fostering competition, while maintaining the ability to improve business management systems beyond the standard.

Reduced expenses                        

Implementation of an Old business management solution can be challenging and expensive. However, when using a cloud-based solution like KAIZENCLOUD, these challenges are easier and cheaper. We also assist in planning, adapting and implementing the system. As a result, the implementation is faster, which results in less investment in the company's time and resources.


For small and medium-sized enterprises, KAIZENCLOUD is an ideal solution to simplify and coordinate effective company management

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