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Why WordPress Is The Best platform For Blogging

Posted by WilliamMegelich on March 5th, 2019

Choosing the right platform for blogging is as important as the name of the blog. ‘You just can’t name a software website Grandma’s kitchen’, said the famous software developer Bill Megelich. According to him, every business has its own requirement and each CMS platform has different purpose to satisfy those requirement. In this competitive market where new products are evaluating every day, WordPress is still considered the best platform for blogging.

Nowadays, blogging has become the full time profession for many people. From travel to culinary, people like to document their experience and knowledge in this vast World Wide Web to create distinct identity. It has become a great source of money generation too. Bill Megelich who himself handles his own blog on WordPress and advocate for it in every possible sector.

Here are the reasons why Bill Megelich has voted it the best platform for blogging:

Wide Range Of Quality Theme: WordPress has the widest range of theme applicable for almost every genre of business comparing to other platforms. The number of quality theme is increased with time. They are evolving themselves with new designs and interface. For example, you can have customized theme for fashion, travel, tech, food, health, finance and many other genres. All of the themes have excellent design and robust functionalities. You can even change the theme as per your requirement without hampering the content of the website.

Best Plugins Supported The Functionalities: According to Bill Megelich, the best reason for choosing WordPress as the blogging site is the availability of plenty of plug ins. Everyday, more and more plug ins are added to enhance the functionalities and meet the requirement of different genre of business. It will help you take the blog in to next level. When you are getting so many facilities for free of cost, people obviously like to explore this platform more often.

Flexibility of Customization: If you don’t like theme, then WordPress also gives you immense flexibility to personalize the interface. It is the best medium which is user-friendly as well as developer-friendly. You don’t need much technical knowledge to make any change on the platform. You can change the layout or the design on your own without hiring the developers. The online tutorials and forums are efficient enough to guide you. You can add widgets as per your requirement to make the website the way you like it.

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