Three Interesting Facts About Japanese Escorts London

Posted by asianescortclub on March 5th, 2019

The special fascination that western men hold for Japanese women is no secret. These women seem to possess a very special kind of appeal that most men are just not able to resist. The same becomes quite evident by having a look at the long list of suitors that is formed to woo and date the Japanese women in the west. However, as the number of ladies living in the western countries that are from Japan or who are of Japanese descent is very limited very few men actually get lucky enough to date them.  
However, the good news that the others from London who are left behind don’t need to feel disheartened as there are many good escort services operating in the city that can make your dream of dating a Japanese woman come true.  So, if you are one of them men who has unfortunately not been able to date a woman from Japan due to lack of opportunities you should definitely contact a good escort agency and gift yourself this amazing experience. Now, let’s have a look at three of the most interesting facts about Japanese escort girls that make them so appealing and a dream date of every man.
  • They are Highly Educated: Japan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. About 42.5 percent of women in this country have had some kind of post graduate education. So, when you date one of the Japanese escorts London chances are that you will get an intelligent and highly educated person with whom you would be able to talk about and discuss a variety of high level and complex topics.
  • They are Docile yet Used to Being Treated as Equals: The gender roles in the Japanese society are much more clearly defined as compared to the England and other western countries. Therefore, the women living here are happy to let the men be the aggressors and the leaders in the relationship while they themselves take a back seat. However, you should not take this to mean that you can treat these women as less than yourself. These women are obedient and docile but at the same time they have a very high level of self respect and expect to be treated as equals at all times and in all situations.
  • Most of Them Speak in Cute High Voice: These women are proud of and celebrate their femininity in various ways including the way they speak. So, you should not be surprised if you find the way Japanese escort angels speak as extremely cute and endearing. These women will charm their way in through your ears by speaking in a tone that is an octave higher than the normal voice and which sounds extremely “Kwaii”, which is the Japanese word for cute.  
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