Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Hot Baths

Posted by Lara Bolt on March 6th, 2019

Every human being takes a bath at least once in two days. One can take a hot bath or a cold bath depending on the weather and what benefits they want to enjoy. Listed below are the top reasons why you should always opt for a hot bath:

  1. Balance your hormones and fight disorders

Warm water baths can also help balance your hormones and fight disorders like chronic fatigue syndrome and fertility issues. Hot water also opens our pores and helps release impurities with the help of sweat. Immersing your body in hot water will also help keep the body hydrated, the pH levels balanced and the body temperature under control. Being in warm water also signals the brain to produce serotonin, a hormone associated with happiness.

  1. Improved breathing

Being immersed is hot water can help you practice breathing and aid your oxygen intake. The pressure of water on your lungs coupled with steam going in through the nose makes you breathe more efficiently. When immersed in hot water your heart starts to beat faster pumping more blood to the organs.

The oxygen need is fulfilled by taking deep breaths and the steam from the bath helps in clearing the sinuses. So, your lungs are getting clean, uninterrupted supply of oxygen which helps in improving your lung function.

  1. Strengthen muscles, joints & bones

Moving your joints in water can improve the working of your muscles, joints and bones. The science behind it is that the resistance provided by the water helps strengthen the muscles. That is why physiotherapists suggest water therapy to patients with knee ailments.

So, while you take a hot water bath you can also improve your ligament movement.

  1. Release stress, remove pain

The heat from the warm water can help you calm your nerves and de-stress your muscles. The heat from the water can remove pain from anal fissures and hemorrhoids. The muscles immersed in warm water will be detangled, relaxing your nerves. The increased blood flow will also improve the functioning of your organs.

Women on their periods should also take hot water baths as warm water against one’s lower abdomen can help alleviate menstrual cramps.

  1. Skip workout take a hot bath instead

Yes. For all those people out there, who are juggling countless chores, well good news for you. You can now skip workout and go for a hot bath and enjoy the same benefits. A recent research shows that sitting in hot water for longer periods of time can help reduce blood sugar levels and get rid of any inflammation just like exercise.

This is important for people who have been prescribed regular exercise for medical reasons who are not able to find time for themselves. Increasing the body’s temperature has also shown to activate the inflammatory response.

Not only are warm water baths relaxing but they are also very beneficial for healthy     working of a human body.

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