How to make interesting Instagram Stories

Posted by mtammy779 on March 6th, 2019

Are you fond of Instagram’s feature and often post as frequent as you can? Do you know the 2016’s new feature on Instagram and knows how to use it? Do you want to further enhance your post and attract your followers? If you tend to ask these questions and tend to receive bad answers. You need not to worry anymore because we will provide you interesting ways to positively increase your confidence through fun and new features of Instagram - Stories

Instagram story is the best tool to positively let your personality be known to your followers and to the public but you should always put in your mind that you are making Stories on Instagram. So, it is still important to carefully design your story in good quality and taste without derogatory words.  

Instagram Story was first introduced to the public last 2016

Through this active users can easily make use and access more colors by simply holing your fingertips down on the suggested colors in your smart phone screen; easiest way to make enhancement of your photo or caption on Story is to use the existing colors in it. For you to get a full view with Instagram Story, we will be showing you steps on how to it: 

  • Tap on the Pen icon that is normally seen in the upper – hand corner screen for you to open the text box or text tool;
  • Tap the color dropper icon that is normally seen on its left side; you may choose any color you want as long as it fits for your design;
  • Hold your finger in the screen for you to move the color dropper or make a writing motion to the image or video you select;

The above steps are the basic ways on how to simply make an Instagram Story but if you wish to make a more complicated Instagram Story such as designing on its fonts, it can still be done. See below for your guidance: 

  • Type out you wish to post separately, to do this you can easily move the texts around and change the font of each letter individually;
  • Play on the text of your type and place to wherever you want it to be viewed, it can be in the center, up, side or bottom;
  • Guidelines will appear automatically to let you know if your text are aligned and centered.

 Through the Instagram Story of this visual platform, it can help you to freely express whatever emotion you have by designing it. It can a good avenue to communicate yourself to others.