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Posted by soulkal on March 6th, 2019

For a person designing t shirts for their own organization, there are a number of available options. The most popular methods that you can use for printing your logo on garments are screen printing and embroidery. The designs created through these methods are resistant to ironing and washing. Even after many years, these designs do not peel or shrink. Their color remains bright and does not fade. As compared to the other forms of garments printing, these techniques let you achieve a greater degree of detail.

Custom printing has been around for thousands of years. Long before Guttenberg introduced his printing press, people were stamping designs on garments. The printing method they used was called screen printing. It was invented in China nearly two thousand years ago. As incredible as it may be, screen printing is still the most popular method of custom printing. More incredible still is the fact that the process has changed very little in all those years.

Contemporary printers still rely on simple wooden screens to which stenciled designs are attached. Paint or ink is applied to the design and it is then stamped onto a blank garments. The method is used to create custom T-shirts for high school graduations, sports teams, clubs, and for special events like weddings and bachelor parties. Custom Clothing Manufacturing

If you are going for embroidery, you must ensure that the thread used for designing is of good quality. The amount of detail that can be achieved through a manufacturer's machine varies from machine to machine. Make sure that you ask about it too. You certainly do not want to have a large no of, say, t shirts or hats, not looking in the least what you expected them to look. If you are opting for embroidery or screen printing, keep the fact in mind that there will be no refund if you do not like the product, for no one can resell these items. For maximum detail, you should provide the manufacturer with a high resolution file of your logo.

Embroidery should always be of high quality. Having a blurred or blocked logo on the t shirts you distribute for enhancing your business may even be damaging to it. It can convey the wrong impression for your corporation. In some cases, small print may be unreadable. Before placing an order, get an opinion from an experienced person, about the design, its possible shortcomings and its cost. It will help you a lot by directing you in the right direction.

For t shirt or polo printing, screen printing is a viable method, which delivers high quality. It is a general misconception that screen printing is a method like iron-on images. Designs created with screen printing have a much longer life and the illustrations are sharper than those created by other methods. In the screen printing procedure, ink is shot down into the cloth by means of a printing machine so that it is no longer a separate image; it is a part of the cloth. Contrary to this, iron-on images are present on the top of the apparel. This is the reason they tend to fade and disappear. A t shirt which has been screen printed is much softer to touch. Despite a number of washings, iron-on transfers feel sticky and hot, like plastic. Custom Merchandise for music Bands

A wide array of objects can be designed by screen printing as the objects are not required to be put under pressure. Items which are commonly screen printed include bags, cups, hats and ink pens. The quality of products is much higher than those designed by other ink printing methods. If you want to get your logo printed on shirts, screen printing is the method to go for, as it offers sharp image and high degree of detail.

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