Sperm Motility - An Overview And Treatments Available

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What Is Sperm Motility?

Sperm motility is explained as the way sperm transfer and move. If a person has low-quality sperm than it will definitely affect fertility. You may encounter the problem of infertility, which is described as an inability to conceive a child. There are two types of sperm motility, for example, progressive and ono-progressive motility. Progressive motility explains as the sperm that is moving in the large circles or straight lines. Whereas, non-progressive motility describes as sperm which is not moving in straight lines. Moreover, poor sperm motility can cause when only 30 percent of sperm is delivered.

How Does Sperm Motility Affect Fertility?
There are many couples across the world who are suffering from infertility due to poor or low sperm motility. In addition, many people face the problem of infertility because of the abnormal shape of sperm, which is the foremost cause of male infertility.

Many people are unable to conceive even after the intercourse of 12 months due to low sperm quantity. You should converse with your doctor and get proper infertility treatment in order to conceive a child.

Causes Of Low Sperm Motility
There are several causes of low and poor sperm motility such as infection, testicular surgery, undescended testicles, and testicular cancer. Additionally, many people experience this issue due to injury and issues a man born with. Many causes of poor quality sperm are unexplained, even the doctors cannot find the reasons behind unexplained infertility. Moreover, people who take drugs and steroids can face this issue because anabolic steroids are responsible to reduce sperm count and motility.
Treatment Of Low Sperm Motility

Consume better foods
You must consume healthy foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. You should consume foods such as spinach, broccoli, bananas, walnuts, garlic, and oysters. You can also consume dark chocolates that are helpful to increase sperm motility. Moreover, you must consume fresh fruits, for example, pomegranates and berries. You should avoid eating processed foods and meat because they are directly linked to sperm count.
Electronics are not good for sperm
You should avoid keeping your cell phones and other electronic gadgets in pant’s pockets. Because they emit harmful radiations which can reduce your sperm count. Moreover, you must keep your cell phone in your upper pocket and use a table in order to place your laptop rather than your laps.
Take proper sleep
You should take a healthy and proper sleep in order to reduce the risk of serious issues. Additionally, if you are leading a hectic life, then you should take some days off and take proper rest because it is useful to calm down your stress. 

Stop consuming alcohol
You must stop consuming alcohol in order to increase the quantity of sperm. Excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to male infertility. Additionally, you can also quit smoking because it affects fertility and lungs as well.

Take prescriptions
You must take medications with the doctor’s prescription. So that you can able to conception. Moreover, you should converse with your primary about the symptoms then he will tell what is the right medication for you.

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