Effective Tips to Become a Passionate Learner

Posted by universityhelp online on March 7th, 2019

I have a friend who is always putting up questions about everything he sees or hears or learns. People refer to him as a nerd but for me he is someone who has something interesting to share invariably. From him, I have learnt that life can be a fascination if you have a curiosity to know about different things. Somedays, we go so occupied with our inner worlds that we forget to take notice of the larger world that exists around us.The outer world opens up a great platform to learn and grow. However, you need to have ‘curious eyes’ to embrace and appreciate what this world offers. Specialists offering professional assignment writing service say that a person has to connect with the subject at sight on an emotional basis to get the most of it. There are several ways to connect with the subject emotionally. We’ve compiled a list of some of them:

Relate an Interest with Different Subjects:

Are you passionate about writing or painting or music? If yes, here’s great news for you. You can learn better by combining your interests with another discipline or something new. Does it sound like a good idea? Homework help online experts say that an individual’s interests can intensity if he is able to blend them with something relatable. For an instance, I am a passionate writer who is currently delivering articles at an IT firm. To perform better as a writer, I can relate my interests to  books of different genres. Another example comes from my photographer friend who has learnt the art of handling a camera better by gaining knowledge about geometric patterns and shapes.

Developing a ‘Real’ Connection is Important:

Back in school, I struggled to learn the theoretical chapters of Business Studies. I told my problem to the class topper and she was kind enough to guide me in the right way. My issue was that I couldn’t see any real connections of what I was doing with my life. So, I  lost interest in learning theory subjects. However, I was certainly wrong as the topper showed me a practical way to relate the business lessons with the people I had a daily encounter with from a vegetable vendor to a newspaper hawker. Surprisingly, when I could employ the acquired knowledge in the real world it actually made sense. Next time, when you find Math lessons boring, simply connect the formulae with your favourite sports.

Keep Control Over Your Learning Process: In a formal setting, it is difficult to exercise control on your learning as you have to function in a specific way. But, you do not have to lay any learning boundaries. With the internet at your disposal, be free to pick up any topic or content and absorb it fully. It is also not necessary that every lesson or theory may interest you. So, be open to learn more about the things that trigger your curiosity.

There are other ways too to be a keen learner such as connecting with like-minded people, visiting a museum or a book fair, volunteering at social organizations.

The more you learn, you more you grow. Learning is a never-ending process. Keep learning.

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