Digital Embroidery More than ordinary embroidery on textiles

Posted by graphicsdigitizing on March 7th, 2019

  • Do you need high quality Digital Embroidery Designs in a short time, which will be made exactly according to your specifications?
  • Do you want to embody a more sophisticated, multi-color theme that's sophisticated in detail?
  • Would you like to buy a full supply of textiles with print or embroidery in maximum quality?
  • Do you want your designs to look representative after many years? Digital embroidery is a clear choice for you! This embroidery is particularly suitable for smaller motifs. We are direct producers and not service providers.

We now support new digital printing technologies for textiles. It is possible to export a 3D realistic preview of embroidery to the printer and use it to print a t-shirt or other textile material. All your graphic works or embroidery previews can now be used without having to process them in another program. Digitized Embroidery Designs are Suitable for smaller print runs.

Our main activities, such as digital embroidery, screen printing on textiles, textile printing and promotional textiles, are complemented by digital printing. This method is suitable for smaller print runs. It is not necessary to produce sieves, which is an advantage compared to other prints. You can print any 45x60 cm theme.

We will produce more than just standard embroidery, but also embroidery and textile applications or a combination of embroidery with printing and other technologies.

We execute your orders in short time intervals, with the highest quality results and all at very reasonable prices.

All the well-known technology that provides a higher added logo value on more expensive promotional carriers and, if done well, increases the prestige of the product. Digital embroidery focuses on the quality and detail of embroidery.

If you want your logo or design on the fabric to be unique, just digital embroidery is a great choice. The ad texture suggests that everything has to be the cheapest, but who claims that more complex printing or embroidery is a lot more expensive? Let yourself count other than dozen embroidery or prints.

If you need a high-quality, long-lasting logo that can be applied to any textile product, even without sewing, then it is just a patch. Digital Embroidery is a great way to distinguish your logo at an affordable price.

If you are interested in our digitized world then give us a Call on: +1 610-8445960


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