5 Benefits of EU Citizenship That You Should Know

Posted by passportonlineservice on March 7th, 2019

If you’ve been in trouble of thinking about taking second citizenship in a European country, then it’s well worth making the move towards us. The EU citizenship brings a lot of plus points with it.

Below are the five main benefits to buy EU citizenship:-



EU citizenship brings you access to social security schemes that will definitely give you the mind peace in this way you will be able to claim benefits like when should you be unable to work for some reason such as illness, a disability or being unable to find employment for an extended period of time. In addition, you could be entitled to minimum wage for your post and if you are unlawfully dismissed, you will be able to put in a claim for compensation.



With EU citizenship, you’ll find travelling much easier and cheaper too. You will be provided with one benefit that you will definitely appreciate, if you travel regularly for business or for pleasure. One best thing is there that you won’t need a visa to travel anywhere within the EU region and you’ll also be able to take benefits that are currently enjoyed by all citizens of EU and these are:-

  • compensation for delayed flights
  • the provision of food, drink and accommodation

 In such circumstances


With EU citizenship you can save up a huge amount of money on the business tax bill. One wonderful thing about Cyprus is that it has an agreement with many more countries that if the business is registered in two countries then it will not be taxed twice over.


EU citizenship allowed you with no and low fee structure for attending a university within the EU region. In addition, any higher education qualification gained by you within an EU country will be recognized and be valid in all other EU countries.


EU citizenship provides you with the right to medical treatment in any EU country. You can carry the free European Health Insurance Card with you when you travel.

As everyone’s knows that Applying for EU citizenship can seem like a long and laborious method. As mentioned above the benefits to buy EU citizenship so being a citizen of EU is very valuable. Join us to Start the process now and begin your move to second citizenship.

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