7 Latest Technology In Android Apps That You Can't Learn From Book

Posted by Dc Kumawat on March 7th, 2019

7 Unconventional Latest Technology In Android Apps That You Can't Learn From Books

 ‘We learn 70% of things around us, in that mixture we upgrade yourself and behave like that, the everyday invention in technology do have a serious impact on our digital lifestyle’


The dawn of android apps in the technological world expects more than light. The emergence of Android App Development with Android apps played a marvelous role in our business operating life, where we sit millions of times having a smartphone on another hand. Just more than swiping right or left, android apps have the capability to dominate the world with stringent technologies that are rapidly shifting towards trending adoption. Almost 48% population have been influenced by the trending technologies of android apps, and it is being assumed that this percentage will rise and go beyond the imagination or say in coming-up years. The below-mentioned android apps technology put a direct and significant impact on the industry, firm, enterprise, and peoples in order to push the complex things in an uncomplicated way.

Let’s get to know the unknown list of android apps technologies which will not recommend in any books of technologies:


1. What's So Trendy About AR and VR:- The positive play of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the field of android apps being harvested in populate quantity. The niche industries likely close to this trend and being viral the hundreds of thousands of work related to android app technology soon.

2. Why Is Everyone Talking About AI?:- The next world-changer android app technology which everybody talks about is Artificial Intelligence (AI), we all familiar what is AI? And how it works? The big thing is android constantly rolling out with the application that will well be managed by the AI robot.

3. Future of Cloud-Based Apps:- Do you know what are cloud-based apps? In short, cloud app is a software program where cloud server and local computers work together using remote calling. Think of Dropbox and Google Cloud, for instance. How they revolutionize the android apps world.

 4. The Next Big Thing In IOT:- Especially the Internet of Things (IoT) is in my digital right-hand pocket! It’s true, android apps can operate IOT functionality for example; IR blaster for TV, AC, Car controllers. What are they...the big domination of IOT android app technology and it is predicting that a more to come in the concept of IoT control.

5. Wearable Apps Makes Life More Better

The market is huge and talking where are wearable apps in that market – is in the right-hand market of the peoples. The evolution of android apps adhere to the much leads and wearable application is in the hit row. Now all over the world peoples can get instant answers whether relates to fitness, health, gaming, and more. Wearable apps make life simpler than ever.

 6. Beacons A New In The Tech Hit-kit

A beacon as popularly recognizes as a smart and conspicuous location-based service utility that widely being used in navigation search, defensive communication, vehicle transportation, fiction, retails etc. It helping enterprises and niches with only going to be rise.

 7. The Advancement of Machine Learning

What do you know about ML? In the real world, it is the tools to enrich the user experience with a robot mind. Certainly, the scope of ML is greater than 0 or 1. The large brand being investing the big dollars and look to capture significant mark with their names like Amazon.


Unconventional End

The future of Android apps or android application development is super-duper rich! The list populated providing the understanding of trend technologies of android apps that we being touch with. It is true that these technology names we heard already, but the thing is, till now we just heard of it since from now, it is being just more than hearing. 

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