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Broken Laptop Screen ? What Should I Do?

Posted by seemasharma1 on March 7th, 2019

If you have damaged your laptop screen, then you might be panicking. It’s a very stressful event but you should know there are options to get it repaired. Therefore, you don’t have to throw your laptop away just yet. What can be done with the broken screen depends upon how old is your laptop and if it's under the warranty period or not. For that, you then better seek the help of laptop screen repair in Pune.

So let's start with how old is your laptop? If it's been running for more than 5 years, then screen repair is not worth it as the cost of the screen is much more than simple repairing. But there are exceptions to this rule if your laptop is expensive or of a brand like Lenovo ThinkPad, HP series, or a high-end Alienware, then you might want to fix the screen of the laptop. Also if you have paid software installed in your system, then it would not be easy to duplicate in the new system. Therefore if you have decided to go for the self-repair then you have can out do it yourself. 

If you are mechanically sound and know all the technical knowledge to fix your system, then you might consider doing it yourself. Always be cautious when giving someone your system for screen repair. You must check the following:

1.    If the laptop repair centre has required experience to fix the screen. You can ask them their qualification and have a reference to be sure if your system is in the right hand or not. 

2.    Testimonials or word of referral from the last clients. It speaks volumes about the services of the company. 

3.    You can even check out the Google review of the shop in order to know the credibility of the repair centre. 

4.    Are the repairer or technician is available for a talk? Only an authentic service provider will talk to you first after the analysis of the damage and quote a price that will be required to fix the damages. Ensure that what they have quoted are the only costs. 

5.    Many dubious repairs shops will take your money, therefore pay close attention to the company before handing your laptop which carries personal data as well. 

Here are some laptop screens repairing tips for people who doubt whether they should reach out to a repairer or not. 

Tip 1: Do not take your system to repair centre if you notice a flicking of the images on the screen. Most of the time screen is not having any problem. It could be due to issue in adapter or power supplier. You can simply check out the power supply, battery and adapter. 

Tip 2: If the screen is displaying white colour only, then the problem can be in the connection the board system and display. You can just tighten the connection point or replace if damaged. 

laptopcarepune.com is the top provider of laptop screen repair in Pune. Visit their website to know more about services ane charges.

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