Here?s Why You Need a Plantronics Handset Lifter

Posted by VDO Communications on March 8th, 2019

Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? Well, it is a very common adage that states that “things will go wrong in any situation, if you give them a chance”. This is what is at play when you occasionally miss a few important phone calls at work. One way to avoid missing calls is to remain tethered to your work desk for the entire day, which is practically impossible. So, what is the more convenient option? A wireless headset and remote call answering capabilities. Remote call answering is important because a headset is of no use if you are not able to answer the call when you are away from the desk. Plantronics handset lifters are made just for that. They are your key to not missing another official call. You can buy Plantronics handset lifters online or from physical stores.

So, what exactly is a handset lifter?

A lifter is a device that is stuck to the phone, beneath the receiver, using double sided tape. There is a sensor on the bottom part of the lifter, the purpose of which is to detect phone vibrations when there is a call. When a call is received, the headset connected to the phone gets a soft beep, which alerts the wearer to answer it. To take the call, one only needs to press the call control button, which prompts the lifter to lift the phone receiver out of its cradle. Pressing that button a second time will end the call. If the call is not answered, it will go to voicemail or any other system that the phone might have. The basic purpose of a handset lifter is to work in sync with your headset so that you are able to answer calls remotely.

Why use a handset lifter?

As explained earlier, your headset is incomplete without a handset lifter. Plantronics handset lifters are designed to help you conveniently take calls on your headset even when you are away from the phone. They can be used on even the most basic telephones. Let us run down some of the benefits of this device:

  1.  You will have no more missed calls, which means that it will enhance your productivity and efficiency.
  2.  You can easily avoid annoying phone tags. Using your remote answering capabilities, it will be easier to keep in touch with your clients or customers.
  3.  You can cut down the amount of time you spend answering a call on your desk. It will become more convenient for you to answer them even when you are busy with some other work.

So, if you want to be more productive and have more convenience, you can shop for Plantronics handset lifters from any trusted and authorized seller.

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