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Posted by sylvie on March 9th, 2019

Marvel strike force game


THE KING OF FIGHTERS-A 2012 - a fascinating fighting game on Android, where you can control various characters. In this game, you will find new characters that were presented in previous releases. Gather your strong team consisting of unique heroes and challenge experienced players. Check out in practice all the game modes and fight in the battles one on 1 or 3 on 3. Compete with your rivals and win ten matches in the suborder to get valuable rewards. Do combo blows and use simple commands to defeat the enemy. Discover new cards for yourself and replenish your team with new players.

MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force is a cool fighting game with dynamic and spectacular turn-based battles in team mode. The peculiarity of this game is not only in high-quality graphics but also in the interesting location of the camera, switching to each character at the moment of impact. Battles with a classic third-person look more realistic and atmospheric. 
On the way to victory, you will meet dozens of bosses and their minions. Success will help not only upgrades but also the right choice of strategy. Also, You can Download Marvel Strike Force Mod Apk.

• spectacular fighting game with the heroes of Marvel; 
• almost all superheroes of the universe; 
• creating your own team; 
• many abilities and skills available to unlock; 
• scale plot with hundreds of battles;
• high-quality graphics; 
• switching the camera to a classic third-person view at the time of the battle.

Real steel HD

Real Steel HD is a game for Android based on the movie "Living Steel." The plot is as follows - the distant future boxing as a sport is prohibited due to its cruelty, but there is also a substitute - fighting robots. Who loses - is sent to the dump! There are no rules of battle - as they say, all means are useful in war. So, you have two options:

·Tournament - conduct fights with eight rivals, each subsequent of which is stronger, more agile, more agile and more cunning.

·Sparring - choose a robot, and it's rival and conduct battles.

Yes, and also, after the battle there is an opportunity to improve your robot to defeat the next opponent easily and naturally!

Streets of Rage Classic

Streets of Rage Classic - an excellent fighting game on Android, where you will clean your city from bandits. Three policemen must, throughout eight levels, defeat all the bandits and beat the criminal authority under the pseudonym, Mr. X. Choose one of the characters of the game and equip it with a knife, a bottle or a piece of pipe and clean up the city. Each character has unique abilities and combat combos, use them against enemies and win the victory in epic battles. Play with friends and beat a strong boss with them. Use the crushing missile attack from ESWAT.

Fighting Cities

Fighting Cities - take control of a brave hero and challenge street thugs. In this dynamic fighting game is not an android; you will struggle with numerous enemies and use your methods and destructive attacks against them. Punch and kick and fight back the whole gang. Crush all enemies and get ready for a meeting with a strong boss who is not so easy to win. Open individual boxes that appear on the levels and acquire weapons. The game will please the players with excellent graphics, various opponents and a dynamic process.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing - the sequel to the Android game on the theme of the movie Real Steel. This time you will participate in the world championship. The game has improved graphics: now robots look much more realistic. You can choose from twenty-four robots, including the beloved characters from the movie. Improvements to robots also suffered changes - now you can not just improve the characteristics of the robot, but also put new details on it.

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