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Posted by ajraquedan on March 9th, 2019 is the perfect platform for designers and creators to express their artistic minds and present their ideas and showcase their visual works to the world. Since its inception, has published millions of projects, for video gamers is the place to be to showcase visual development and update of lol-accounts.

For creators here are six simple steps to creating the best Behance portfolio:

  1.       Choose your best work

Ensure that your Behance project is effective as a sequence of the project, one project per Behance page. In case you don’t have a lot of work to showcase, you could always squeeze all of your projects into a single Behance page.

It’s important to note your page should not display all of your visual works. Choose your best projects to showcase and keep it short and sweet. It's recommended you choose five pieces for a single Behance page.

  1.       Share background information supplemented by a theme

The presentation is important; clients and users are drawn to stories. Developing a brief background story for your project will attract viewers, begin by showcasing your finished project and the process that led to it.

A backstory will create trust between you and video gamers looking to purchase lol-accounts. Come up with a design layout that will enhance and complement your project

  1.       Exhibit the medium

Showcase people interacting with your project and if possible you can also snap pics of them. It's essential in emphasizing the medium for the intended work. You can also Google for free templates on the net and insert your project for one hell of a presentation.

Showing gamers interacting with visuals for your lol-accounts will attract others boosting traffic to your website.

  1.       Simplicity

The design of your page should be simple. Don’t overdo it, consistency is essential, pick one font and color scheme and watch your work come gain popularity

  1.       Compose a bio   

A Behance profile is an integral part of your portfolio, letting users get to know you will enable get a better understanding of the person behind that brilliant idea. 

  1.       Always keep your Behance gallery fresh

The Behance platform is a larger community, showcase your newest projects to increase engagements and increase your fan base. Popularity on Behance is measured by comments and like. Showcasing your latest visual of lol-accounts will keep gamers glued on your profile        



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