Provably Fair Blockchain Casino Games Revolution

Posted by BitcoinCasino on March 10th, 2019

Provably Fair Casino Games

The best blockchain casino sites all have provably fair systems in place to create a brand new gambling environment that is transparent. Gamblers around the world have been crying out for new technology to give themselves an even chance of winning and their dreams have been answered by ETH smart contract powered platforms. In this article, I will explain why it is a vital step forward for the sector along with the changes you can expect to see over the coming years.

What Are Provably Fair Casino Games?

Provably fair works by having games verified on the blockchain by a centralized network which outcomes are presented transparently by using a public ledger. At traditional casinos, these processes are run in the background which means that gamblers can not carry out checks therefore not been able to guarantee that the processes are carried out correctly or if any manipulation has taken place. It means that each bet that is placed is accounted for along with available for anyone to verify.

Types Of Provably Fair Games Available At Casinos

Not all casino games are available on the blockchain but this will change as the technology develops further. The most popular include titles such as Baccarat, Dice, Blackjack, Crash and Video Poker. These all have a public ledger on displacing so bets can be tracked in a transparent manner which provides 100% accurate provably fair games. That is not possible using currently RGN software games which require a third-party audit to ensure they are working correctly.

The graphics of blockchain casino games are not to the standard of traditional platforms presently but that is about to change thanks to developers utilizing the ETH and EOS network. These blockchains can run at a lot faster speeds which means that they can offer more comprehensive titles which can compete with online casinos. There are also many that are developing virtual reality casinos combine with blockchain tech which will take things to a whole new level in gaming.

Payout Rates Of Blockchain Casino Games

The reason why gamblers are changing platforms to blockchain-based casinos is the payout rates on offer compared with traditional casino games. When you play titles such as slots you will lose your money fast due to the operator taking a larger percentage of the profits compared with others such as Blackjack. There are ETH smart contract games currently available on new crypto powered gambling sites such as Edgeless that have been able to eliminate the requirement to make profits from games with gives players an equal chance to win thanks to the zero house edge created.


It is not just the games and payment systems that are going to eventually be completely taken over by blockchain technology. The business model that is currently used is also going under a huge transformation as it moves away from making gaming profits to earning revenue through its own unique games crypto token. That is a revolution which will finally give gamblers a real chance to come out on top when gambling online.

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