Some bisexual tips to help you attract interesting bisexual people

Posted by FlorianEhrlichmann on March 11th, 2019

It’s not difficult to attract bisexual people online, but attracting people who are really interested still needs to do some work. The good news is that once you know what to do, it will be much easier than you think. Here are some online bisexual dating tips to help you attract bisexual people: 

  1. Your main profile picture should be your best. 

Your primary profile picture is your first impression and needs to be presented to others in the best possible way. People are visual creatures, so this is very important. If you don't have a perfect picture yet, remember that even if you need 100 attempts to get the perfect picture, it's worth it. Isn't it good to get a good start from a few hours of work? 

  1. This picture should be diverse. 

Some online dating experts advise their customers to use no more than four images. However, depending on the internal data of the dating site Bicupid, adding more images to your personal data will bring more dating emails. People are very intuitive. With this in mind, each photo is a unique opportunity to draw attention and tell different stories. 

The key is diversity. The eight photos of your own are very boring. It does not reveal anything about you. Eight or more photos capture different positive aspects of your life (such as travel photos, family photos, 10km running or Halloween costumes) and attract friends who are interested. 

  1. Be playful and flirtatious. 

If you meet someone you like at the bar, how would you tell them? You can laugh happily, touch their arms, lean while speaking, or provide any interesting visual and verbal cues. 

In a bisexual chat room, what you have is to let your people know your interests and attractiveness. It is in your interest to use them. Exclamation marks, emojis and innocent G - flirting are good ways to let others know that you are entering them. As long as you use all of these things correctly, they will be counterproductive - you don't want to look like a child, right? 

  1. Understanding people's attention is short - lived. 

People are crazy every day. In fact, you may be busy right now, so you are just browsing this article. Did I attract you? When it comes to online bisexual dating, you have to overcome all the interference in your life, build your personal data and your aim correctly with simple words for, and add the most appropriate for each word you write. The ideal structure for a brief introduction is some mini paragraphs, to looking for bisexual couples or singles, each paragraph focusing on different aspects of your life. This allows someone to view information at the same time, or if they choose, reading your profile is like a well-designed story.

 If you are using a bisexual website or threesome dating site that uses email, users should typically spend no more than 60 seconds of reading time and 2-3 minutes of response time. This will increase slightly when the response begins to snowball, but this is a good rule of thumb at the beginning.

  1. Stand out from the competition. 

What is your brightest quality? Is this your humor? Is this your sense of adventure? Is this your passion for volunteering? Maybe that's it. Find out what you need to emphasize and then make sure to show these qualities in your photos and personal data. 

If you are a beginner of online bisexual dating or find a threesome, it can be confusing at first, but at the end of the day, it's best to put yourself there, connect with people and understand them. Don't forget to have fun!

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