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Posted by souimaadoiumaa on March 11th, 2019

Zephrofel you want more length or you want girth or even you want harder erections you've just gotten to a point them and the first and foremost exercise you need to be doing at the start of every session and by the way the frequency of exercises might do them every day but not too intensely or you might do a little bit more of an intense workout and do it every other day for beginners I highly recommend the every other day over at least no more than five days a week just because you want to have planned recover time because it's a tiny injuries that can compound quickly over time and you might find that they're very hard to overcome just to avoid that risk you want to build up and form a good base for doing these exercises so number one is the warm-up the site talked about using a heat lamp obviously that requires purchasing the heat lamp which is just like those lamps I guess to thank you eight chickens or chicks under I don't think that's necessary I think you can just simply use a hot shower so in the shower you make sure that you're paying special attention to having hot water running over that part of your body even cupping in your hands and holding hot water around it or if you're doing these later in the day you just wrap a hot cloth around yourself in a flaccid state and that was actually suggested on the situs that simply doesn't wrap yourself in a hot wire wash and that gives the heat to that area that makes it less possible for you to in yourself then the next exercise you're engaging in is the different stretches so there's stretches pulling to the right to the left down up and then out not going to give details on how that is done you don't want to be gripping the heaviness it's actually holding the shaft check out the diagrams and learn how to do this properly because obviously so sensitive everybody you want to take care of with it and ask for a number of reps and things that's all subjective that you can change over time but look at a good beginners program and in figure of what it is you can manage to do overall you shouldn't be doing more than 20 25 minutes worth of exercises in one session it's not really worth doing more in my opinion because you can only do so much at once you could even consent sit down to 15 minutes and the final beginners exercise in which is probably the most influential and creating the most girth is the jelqing exercise and this is a motion of sliding almost like a ring holding your finger it has a ring around the shaft starting at the base of the penis and moving out towards the head not again going over the head of the penis or the glands and then as one hand reaches the tip you go with the other hand simultaneously go out the shaft so here doing this outward stroking movement and you have to be increase growth there's been a lot of good reviews of it I've seen everyone on that site recommending it finding it great it's either replaced their exercises where they use it in addition to certain exercises if the site gets back up and you can also see that there are a lot of other exercises from those two basic ones the stretching on the jelqing so of course you can mix and match and figure out what works with your specific size and shape there's people on there there's amazing testimonials if you really want a motivation there were a literal micro penis size and they've gotten themselves up to average or even above average penis size with just exercises alone then if you factor in the ease of having some herbs or even some this penis pump you can actually dramatically increase the size maybe even over a shorter 


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