Is your child obese? Here?s how you can help him maintain a healthy weight

Posted by jessicaprincy on March 11th, 2019

Obesity is a medical condition in which a person gains weight and height more than what he has to be for his age. If a person becomes victim to it in childhood, then there are high chances for him to become obese in the adolescence as well. Childhood obesity is a bane to the child. It prevents the child from enjoying their beautiful childhood. Over time, it can also curb the normal mental growth of the child.

So, if you notice the signs of obesity in your child, you should act on it immediately to prevent further complications.  Never let your child feel bad about being fat. Rather, teach him the benefits of maintaining moderate weight. Below is a guide to help you gain insights on obesity and the preventive measures for the same.

Causes of obesity:

•Unhealthy eating habits


•Sedentary lifestyle 

•Hormonal problems

•Improper sleeping pattern

Obesity symptoms:

The symptoms of obesity are common among many and the most familiar symptoms include:

•Excessive sweating


•Unable to make quick physical movements


•Difficulty in breathing 

Prevention of obesity:

Exercise regularly: Obesity can be prevented with exercise. It helps in losing weight drastically.

Avoid unhealthy foods: Avoid giving your child foods laden with fats, oils, and high-calories. Instead, cook low-calorie foods at home.

Play more: Cut down your child’s screen time. Take your child to a park and encourage outdoor games and activities. You may also join your child in a sports club which will help the kid in learning the game as well as in losing the weight. 

Avoid unhealthy snacks: Store your pantry with healthy snacks and let your child snack on those foods. When you are outside, help your child make healthy food choices.

Weight management products: These products will enhance your child’s weight loss process. So, invest in good products. You can buy weight management products online and help your child use them to become healthy.

Small changes can make big differences. So, make the most out of every opportunity and let your child enjoy a healthy future.

Obesity treatment:

If your child is obese, don’t ignore it. Talk to a doctor at the earliest. When you consult a doctor to treat the obesity, the doctor will first check your child’s health history, the BMI, and other vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and the body temperature. Based on the information gathered, the doctor may suggest any of the following treatments or a combination of a few of these:


•Nutrition advice 

•Dietary changes 

•Weight loss surgery

•Weight loss medicines

Based on your child’s health condition, the doctor may suggest certain medicines. These medicines could be weight loss medicines or other medicines to help your child in treating minor health conditions during the weight loss process. Use these medicines consistently for better results. In case you don’t have time to go to a pharmacy, you can do online medicine order at the best online medicine shopping site and get medicine home delivery. 


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