Spice & Sifter Caps Market: Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand

Posted by Kishor on March 11th, 2019

When it comes to spices, herbs and seasoning products, being able to dispense the right amount of product makes a big difference to the consumer. Spice & sifter caps dispense spices and herbs in the right quantity. Spice & sifter caps are used for easy and clean dispensing of spices, small grains and powders. Spice & sifter caps are available in either 6, 10 or more holes. The sifter caps are available in two types of closure openings such as flip top and twist open. Spice & sifter caps sizes include 43 mm, 48 mm, and above. Rise in the spice and condiments drives the spice & sifter caps market. Spice & sifter caps are made of PP, HDPE and PET plastics. Spice & sifter caps offers a traditional appeal at home and at retail shelves. Spice & sifter caps and closures are an ideal consumer choice as eliminates the additional flexible packaging of spices and condiments.

Spice & sifter caps are a convenient choice and offer easy storage. Spices stored in flexible packages such as pouches and bags are not convenient as compared to spice & sifter caps, as they provide a tight seal and preserves the flavor of the product contained. PP spice & sifter caps are virtually unbreakable and chemical resistant with good heat resistant qualities. Spoon & sift caps are widely used and are also known as flapper caps. One side of the spice & sifter caps is a flip top sifter section with holes for dispensing spices and granular products. The other half section is the spoon side for dispensing lager portions of the product. Holes of different sizes are also available in spice & sifter caps. 

Global Spice & Sifter Caps Market: Dynamics

The global spices and seasoning market is anticipated to witness numerous growth opportunities in the coming years. Market vendor are experimenting with new vendors are coming up with innovative products to enhance their offerings. Rising fame of innovative recipe styles and expanded food consumption will remain a key factor driving the growth of spice & sifter caps market. Spice & sifter caps eliminates the need to open the entire closure and offers one hand ease of opening and closing.  Spice & sifter caps offers flap style dispensing convenience to the consumers and eliminates the mess and frustration over liner removal. These Spice & sifter caps come in pressure sensitive and induction seal liners.

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Spice & sifter caps not only provide benefits to the consumers, it also benefits the manufacturers in many ways. These caps eliminates liner cost and provides a shelf impact by building a brand image. Spice & sifter caps are one-piece design and therefore provides efficiency on the production line for workers. Spice & sifter caps are constructed of polypropylene to ensure long-lasting freshness of the product. Changing dietary habits due to factors such as changing consumer lifestyle, increasing disposable income, and rising number of working women has led to the demand for packaging or convenience food items. 

Global Spice & Sifter Caps Market: Segmentation

Spice & Sifter caps market are segmented on the basis of material:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Others 

Spice & Sifter caps market are segmented on the basis of Cap Size:

  • Less than 40 mm
  • 40-100 mm
  • 100 mm & above 

Spice & Sifter caps market are segmented on the basis of No of Holes:

  • Less than 5
  • 5-10 holes
  • 10 and above 

Spice & Sifter caps market are segmented on the basis of End Use:

  • Spices & Condiments
  • Herbs
  • Confectionery
  • Salt and Salt Substitutes
  • Dry food toppings
  • Pet food
  • Sweeteners
  • Others 

Global Spice & Sifter Caps Market: Regional Outlook

North America accounts for the largest share in the global spice & sifter caps market followed by Europe. There is high usage of spices in India, which generates considerable untapped potential in this region. The usage of spices and seasonings is relatively less in the other parts of Asia, specifically the ASEAN countries which presents lucrative growth opportunities for spice & sifter caps market. The overall economic growth in Asia-Pacific has led to the increase in rapid urbanization and industrialization. This plays a major role in changing the preference of consumers towards value added convenient food products.

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