Abdominoplasty Recovery: The Days Following Surgery

Posted by Dr. Stavros Economou on March 11th, 2019

Recovering from your tummy tuck surgery is a balance between allowing your body the time it needs to heal properly, and getting your body up and moving as soon as possible and choosing one of the best plastic surgeons in Cyprus is one of the ways to ensure the best recovery following your Plastic surgery.

Resting - Try to mostly stay in bed or on the couch with your head comfortably elevated, and a few pillows under your knees. This will help to keep your torso slightly elevated and reduce the stress on the skin of your belly. Sometimes after tummy tuck or in liposuction cyprus surgery, if you find that is itchy or uncomfortable, you can wear a thin fitted cotton shirt underneath it. .

The skin in the abdominal area after tummy tuck surgery will have been stretched at the end of your surgery, so reducing the tension on the incision will help with blood flow and further reduce the chances of any complications that occur even in the hands of the best plastic surgeons.

Exercise - During these first few days you should be very careful when moving around. While walking is recommended, too much moving around this early in your recovery can cause the skin and underlying muscles to slide against each other, rather than knit together. This can lead to fluid or blood build-up beneath the skin, known as seromas and hematomaseven in the hands of thebest plastic surgeons. The purpose of the drains is to help move the fluid out of the body, but if you move too much, fluid will build up despite the drains in any plastic surgery.

Diet - You'll most likely be able to return to your normal diet, but be sure to drink a lot of fluids, including juices or sports drinks, especially during the first 72 hours.

Compression garments and drains - During these first few days of recovery, you'll probably be instructed to wear a compression garment. This helps to reduce swelling and prevents harmful fluid build ups. You should wear the garment 24 hours a day during this initial recovery period.

Don't remove it for at least the first five days, except when showering. Your compression garment should fit snugly but not impede your breathing or be painful. If it is, please tell your surgeon. They may provide you with a different one. Choosing the best plastic surgeons in Cyprus will ensure a smoother recovery.

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