3 Office Space Features to Attract and Retain Talent

Posted by marieorlando19 on March 11th, 2019

3 Office SpaceFeatures to Attract and Retain Talent

A recent article Does Your Office Space Attract Talent and Retain It?By Baxter Walker, Kathy Gigac, and Thomas Kennasay that attracting and retaining a talented team of employees is one of the biggest challenges for many companies. The employment turnover is costly, and many business owners are taking note of this and realizing that the office space plays a vital role.

Here are 3 things to consider when looking for commercial office space for rent for your business.

1. Office Location

Today the workforce has many options of growing companies to work with, thus your office location should be considered seriously. Gone are the days when the office spaceshould be located near the CEO’s home and the focus has shifted to the employees—taking into consideration where current employees are coming from. Nevertheless, it’s not just about current staff, it’s also about knowing where your key employee demographic lives in order to recruit. And that means, ultimately, the company culture will dictate the environment and space for the business and how that translates to the workforce experience.

2. Accessibility to amenities

Location is not only about proximity to where your workforce is living, but it also includes access to amenities. Many employees are looking for companies that offer a culture of walkability to lunch and other personal errands in a more urban setting, such as downtown. Millennial employees usually look for convenience and services that are on-site or walkable, therefore, the central business district (CBD) or mixed-use developments are ideal for business offices.

3. Office space layout and design

Collaboration space like meeting rooms is the latest trend in the workplace and this type of environment definitely has its advantages. These include, the ability for the team to more closely communicate ideas and brainstorm, and it creates a more dynamic setting where one can feed off of others energy. Nevertheless, the challenge with this design is the potential noise and distractions. It is important to consult commercial construction services(e.g. architect, engineer, space planner) to design the space that best fits your business needs.

To consider the importance of how your office space can retain employees and attract new talent more than the cost of rent has great impact on your bottomline. So choose the best office space for your team.

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