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Posted by John7495 on March 12th, 2019

This article gives information about Plasma Etch and Acoustic Microscope system.

PVA Tepla AG is a global association of versatile high-tech companies. With decades of experience and an eye for the modernisms of tomorrow, we build up unparalleled systems for vacuum, high-temperature and plasma processes and for quality inspection - always in close cooperation with our clients.

As the name suggests, Plasma Etch is a practice of etching in which plasma is used as an etchant rather than strong acids. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, formed by ionizing gas particles, through radio frequency or heating. To recognize the process of plasma etching, it is essential to recognize the working of a plasma etching system.

The system, Plasma Etch consists of two realistic electrodes for the creation of radio frequency and a ground electrode on which the sample to be etched is placed. There is a gas inlet trough which etchant enters the system and there is an outlet for plasma. Plasma etching too results in the manufacture of unstable chemical compounds, formed as consequences throughout the chemical reaction between the plasma and the material to be etched. It takes some time for the plasma atoms to embed at the printed circuit board.

Acoustic Microscopy

Acoustic microscopy is a practice that represents the progressions and achievements of science and equipment. It lets for the growth of research, creates opportunities for discovery, permits deeper exploration of a specimen and enables scientists to better analyze and observe micro-environments.

The custom of acoustic microscopy is the non-destructive inspection of sample surfaces and internal structures, such as ingots in the production of wafers and MEMS systems. Where infra-red microscopes or x-ray microscopes reach their limits, ultrasonic microscopes can reliably display the intrinsic nature of even opaque samples.

By enhancing their ability to study a sample, scientists can obtain more accurate data, prove or disprove a theory, gain an understanding of the unseen world around us and pursue new cures, treatments or products to make every day life safer and healthier.

At PVA Tepla AG, a wide-reaching network of sales and service centers supports you with high-end technologies in the ultrasonic inspection of samples and with individual order analyze. Top trained specialists advise you, among other things, on useful equipment and special developments and provide you with meaningful analysis reports.

To know more please visit our website: www.pvateplaamerica.com 

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