10 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Toronto Every Traveler Must Visit!

Posted by Payal Mathur on March 12th, 2019

Canada has the charm which attracts tourists like a swarm of bees to honey! It’s because of the beautiful cities and the amusing activities one can indulge in. Toronto is one of the most beautiful and expensive cities in Canada with the capital of Ontario, yet it is one of those luxurious cities with its own attraction for the tourists.

In Canada, Toronto has entirely different things to offer, which makes it unique and special and popular amongst the tourists or visitors who come over all across the world. Although it is a bit expensive the expense is worthy of the experience for tourist places in Toronto.

  1. CN Tower:

One of the most popular landmarks of Toronto is this tower which is 533 meters in height. The spectacular building visible from every corner of the city is well appreciated by the visitors. Tourists, who don’t find the height comfortable can, simply enjoy the structure from the ground whereas the enthusiastic tourists can climb up and take a view of the whole city from such great height.  The view of Lake Ontario is fantastic the tower is popular for the view it offers to the tourists including the Niagara Falls. There are restaurants with a glass floor which enables the beauty of the tower. The various restaurants positioned on the various height of the building have different things to offer. The 360 restaurant provides a spectacular view beneath. Horizon restaurant, this restaurant provide an opportunity to view the city differently from the glass walkway to Open Terrace the place is extremely amusing for the tourists.

  1. Royal Ontario Museum:

ROM or Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto is one it’s specific tourist spots which is famous for its international reputation for excellence. The major attraction is the would the collection of books intact which can be read.

  1. Rogers':

This is the gigantic dome-shaped sports arena with the space of thousands and thousands of spectators’ could be accommodated. This was built for the Olympics and as an answer to its sole rival ‘Montreal'.This gallery is at present at use for the football matches etc. There was 4 rock band concert which took place here.

  1. Art Gallery of Ontario:

This art gallery is Toronto’s greatest tourist attraction spot because of the wonders it preserves in it is truly praiseworthy. The most prized possession of the gallery are the paintings from Canadian African, Oceanic and European art forms. The museum is also famous for the Canadian paintings.

  1. Casa Loma:

Sir Henry Pellatt constructed this building or palace years ago. The castle consists of numerous rooms. This place is popular among visitors.

  1. Toronto Zoo:

Favorable spot amongst the visitors. The zoo is the home of various animals including grizzly bear. The arrangement of the zoo is unique because each part is divided like the way the globe is. African Savannah and the Great Barrier Reef are also included in the zoo. The spacious arrangement made for the animals is indeed comfortable for the animals and hence for the spectators.

  1. St Lawrence Market:

This marketplace is the cluster of small markets present under one roof that is inside the St Lawrence hall built in 1850 for the public gathering ground for discussion. In 1967 the hall was restored keeping its old charm intact. The place is occasionally used television or film shoots. This hall with the prominence in its charm attracts the tourists to enjoy Toronto's, St Lawrence Hall.

  1. Toronto’s Entertainment district :

This plaza is the reciprocation to New York's Broadway. Here people are entrained by the Theatre shows musical concerts etc. that take place. This is a form of social gathering and socialization which is quite entertaining for the tourists. Surrounding this place there are restaurants hotels and shops.

  1. Eaton Centre :

The huge marketplace which is almost like a maze is a paradise for the shopping freaks and foodies, the maze has an answer to every craving from food to shopping.

  1. Distillery District:

Located in Toronto, Ontario was used as whiskey distillery and now the cobblestone streets with indie restaurants and bars attract tourists, this area is loved by the art lovers who enjoy various art and cultural activities that take place in various theatres of this area. During December the month of festivities the Christmas marketplace shifts in the streets of this area. It has the best preserved Victorian Industrial art and architecture. This place is recommended as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988

It is evident from the given statement about how wonderful Toronto is. So if you want to visit Toronto prepare yourselves now and set the sail for the pleasant and luxurious experience. Toronto is indeed one of the beautiful places to visit in Canada and is mandatory to be in your bucket list.

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