The importance of education in formative years

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If one looks at a child’s growth, the most contentious question raised is about the importance of the foundation years of education.When a toddler moves from the comfort zone of the home to the outside world, it is a crucial step for the child and for the parents. Factors such as the environment, teachers, and holistic curriculum are of primary significance.

Stronger the foundation, brighter is the future

According to a study by Harvard Graduate School of Education, “Today, over 75 percent of 3- and 4-year-old children currently spend time in some type of early education setting, which ranges from universal pre-K programs to informal home-based care environments. And all across the nation, states and cities and communities are working to expand their systems of early education and care.” The essence of quality education is to maintain a fine balance between the development of cognitive and analytical skills. When it comes to the top ten preschool franchises in India, these things must be taken into consideration. Every step taken towards educating and developing a child should be thought in terms of advancement of the child. The highest priority should be given to a child’s growth by maintaining a nourishing environment.After all, a toddler’s foundational years pave way for the future.

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Making a home away from home

The top ten preschool franchises in India have instilled the motto of creating a caring, loving and secure environment. The quality of education is based on providing an environment which is driven and encouraging for a child’s growth. The schools focus on learning while playing, making it easy for students to accommodate the changing ambiance from home to school. This in a way acts as a bridge between the domestic realms to the outside world.Moreover, the latest educational aids, amenities  and equipment also help in creating a comfortable space for students.

Teachers are caregivers

The teachers should be well qualified and must have the psychological maturity to understand the needs and requirements of the children. Activities ranging from teacher recruitment, training, supplying apt teaching aids to a curriculum designed by professionals and experts are all part of the preparation for a toddler to turn into a responsible citizen.The schools must cultivate an environment conducive to learning. During a child’s formative years, the school should assist the parents and children towards the advancement of knowledge, skills and humane qualities. This is the only way to ensure that the institute is paving a way for enriching young minds and help in nation building.

It is essential to train your child to be a learner for life rather than simply being a scholar.Parents and schools should work together to make the toddler comfortable with learning methodologies and incorporate learning as part of their natural process. Factors such as environment, well-qualified teachers and holistic curriculum make the child gravitate toward learning and growing. It would be a good choice to educate your child that makes them driven and motivated towards learning.

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