Rinse your sins at the famous Muktinath Temple

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Rinse your sins at the famous Muktinath Temple

Whether Hindus or Buddhists, there is a long queue of pilgrims visiting the famous Muktinath Temple in Nepal, a place where you can attain salvation and rinse all your sins! A pilgrimage’s delight, the famous temple is among the most sacred shrines in Nepal. It is located at 3710m above the sea level and forms the centre to attain liberation by the people from across the globe. The temple is regarded as a premium temple among the 108 Divya Desam. It is ranked as 106th among the 108.

What to expect inside the Muktinath Temple?

The famous Muktinath Temple is a small structure that is based on the Pagoda style architecture. Inside the temple there is a life size statue of Lord Vishnu that is made in gold. The statue is recognized as Mukti-Narayana. There are bronze statues of other gods and goddesses as well; these include goddess Saraswati, Bhoodevi, Janaki, Garuda, sapta rishis and Lava-Kusa. An old Buddhist monk is responsible for the welfare of the temple while the prayers are performed by Buddhist nuns.

Behind the temple there are 108 water faucets on a semi circular wall. These are etched in stone in the shape of a bull. The water from the religious Kali Gantaki River is directed to flow from the mouths of the bull from these faucets and taking a pious bath under all of these 108 water faucets is believed to bring salvation to the pilgrims.

Another major attraction besides the temple is a Buddhist monastery called the Mebar Lha Gomba. It is located near the entrance gate of the Muktinath Temple and holds equal significance for both Buddhist as well as Hindu pilgrims. They visit the monastery to offer prayers after visiting the temple. What holds the attention of the pilgrims is a miraculous fire inside the monastery. The fire is in fact a natural gas fire that burns incessantly and is worshipped by the Hindus as the fire goddess. They call it the Jwala Mai.

Some facts you should know about the Muktinath Tour

  • The Muktinath tour starts from Gorakhpur as well as from Kathmandu.
  • There are three different ways to take up the famous Muktinath Yatra-by road, by flight or by a helicopter.
  • The Muktinath Tour package can range anywhere from 3 days to 7 days depending on what you are looking to cover in the tour.
  • There are a number of budget friendly Muktinath tour packages that are easily available online and have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the travelers.
  • You can also customize the Muktinath tour package. The customized itinerary is designed keeping in mind the individual needs of a customer.
  • There are several hotels and lodges near the Muktinath temple that make for a comfortable and convenient stay.
  • The best time to take the Muktinath Temple Tour is from March to May and October. Months from November to February are exceptionally cold so a lot of people avoid visiting the temple during this time.
  • Months from June to September should be ideally avoided since these are monsoon months there and the route can get slippery and inconvenient.
  • If you are an adventurous soul and love to experience the snow fall, you can visit the Muktinath yatra in the months of December and January as well.

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