Common Doubts People have About Live Photography

Posted by weddingdaypainter on March 12th, 2019

If your wedding is just round the corners and you have thought of having wedding photography done, the idea is undoubtedly praise worthy. But since it is your first time and entire concept of live event painting is extremely novel, you may have lots of doubts regarding it.

Therefore, listed here are some common questions that people generally ask the Live Canvas Painting Artists before booking them for the D-day painting. Read about them.

Q. Will the events look exactly as they originally appear?

Ans.: Of course they will. This is exactly where the expertise of a professional Wedding Event Painter lies. With haste hands, he can capture the precious moments of your life in his canvas precisely in the manner as they appear in reality.

Q. Can I ask the painter for some modifications?

Ans.: It is quite understandable that you might not like some aspects of the original event as it appears in the reality.

For instance, you might not like the presence of a specific neighbor of yours in the ring exchange ceremony, though you could not refuse him when the event occurred in reality. You might even have some reservations about the color of the gown that your mother or mother-in-law wore in your matrimonial oath taking ceremony, but were not able to say that upfront.

Here the role of the Live Canvas Painting Artists proves integral. You can have prior talks with your appointed photographer and ask him for some necessary modifications so that the final painting that he produces becomes exactly compatible with your requirements.

Q. Do I have to give any prior intimation to the guests that their moments in the party are getting painted?

Ans.: Yes, it is required. Basically, you have to realize that when you go for wedding painting, you will not get as much photographs as you get in case of wedding photography. In this case, you will either have one painting or a couple of them at the most. So, you have to rule out any chances of committing any mistakes.

Therefore, even though you might have planned to give your guests a surprise by opting for event photography, you cannot make your endeavors successful if you do not get their full cooperation in the process.

Thus, you have to inform your guests in advance to seek their full cooperation and participation in the process.

Q. Does the setting matter when you intend to go for live photography?

Ans.: Yes, it matters. You have to ensure that the venue you choose looks visually appealing when the photographer develops the final photograph.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a setting that is free from any clutters, spacious and well illuminated.

If you live up to these regulations then you will get the most rewarding results of the live painting session.

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